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Club Penguin Mission: G's secret mission


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Club Penguin

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Club Penguin Mission: G's secret mission

Here is how to beat G's Secret Mission.

1. Go to Sport Shop and talk to G.
2. Go to the Mountain. Click on the signs and decode the Green sign.
3. Go back to the Sport shop and tell G. the word you decoded. He will give you a sled.
4. Go back to the Mountain and take the sled on a test run(you must crash).
5. You wake up in the wild. Pick up the rope and survival guide. Head over to the bush.
6. Pick up 3 O'berries and head over to the tree stump.
7. All puffles run away except the Black Puffle. Feed it an O'berry and it will begin to follow you.
8. Go back to the O'berry bush and in the tree you will see something in the tree. Shake the tree three times and a pot will fall out.
9. Go back to the treee stump.
10. Go to the fallen tree and bush. Take the ski out of the bush. Put the rope on the tree to form a fishing rod. Then, take an O'berry and put in on the fishrod as bait.
11. Go back to the O'berry bush.
12. Go to the river.
13. Pick up the log and fill the pot up with water.
14. Throw the rishingrod in the water and catch a fish.
15. Go to the cave. Push the bushes aside and enter the cave.
16. Click on the rock to move it. Put the log on top of the rock. Then put the survival guide where the rocks are.
17. Give the Black Puffle an O'berry and it will light up the fire. Place the water on the fire to clean it. Drink the water.
18. Place the fish on the fire to cook it. Eat the fish.
19. You fall asleep. When you wake up go outside.
You have finished the mission. Collect your prizes.

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