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Club Penguin Mission: Case of the Missing Coins


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Club Penguin

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Club Penguin Mission: Case of the Missing Coins

1. Talk to the green penguin with sunglasses.
2. Go upstairs to the Manager's office to get the vault code. He accidentally locks himself out of the vault.
3. Turn the computer on.
4. Under the couch is a boot disk and a paper clip. Pick them both up.
5. Put the boot disk into the computer. Go to "My Files". Go to "Combination Numbers". You can write down the combination or just remember it.
6. Go to the vault and open it using the code. Tell the green penguin to stand guard. Go to HeadQuaters.
7. Talk to G. He wants you to watch a clip. Click on the clip he wants you to watch. Keep talking to G. until he opens the drawer to the right of you.
8. In the drawer, get the key that is on the top right. It is used for the roof access.
9. Go to the Gift Shop. Go to the Manager's office. Use the key you got to enter the Roof Access door.
10. Pick up the white fur you see and use your wrench from your Spy Phone to open the Power Box.
11. Put the paper clip on the chip inside of the Power Box. The magnet drops witht he coins and the power goes out.
12. Go to the vault. Under the coins is the green penguin. Click the coins to free him. Talk to him to let him know to stand guard.
13. Go to the HeadQuarters and talk to G. Give him the white fur. Pick up the flashlight on the desk to your right.
14. Go to the Town. Go to the NightClub. Use your flashlight and head towards the right.
15. Inside the right speaker, there is a ladder heading to the Boiler room. Head down the ladder.
16. Go to the Fuse Box on your left. Read the directions and then open it.
17. Inside is a red and green puzzle. You need to make all the colors green. Do not click the color next to the color you have just clicked. This may take some time to do.
18. Go to G and he will give you your prizes.

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