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How To Earn Energy


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How To Earn Energy

The guide is simple enough. It basically tells you how to earn energy.
1. Do the quests. The quests offer you energy as a reward for completing the quest. If you can't complete them, you can't get the reward.

2. Visit your friends often. You'll gain 5 energy for your first visit to every friend, and more energy after that.

3. Increase your reputation with your friends. By increasing your reputation, you'll earn more energy each time you visit your friends city every day.

4. Buy energy with FB credits. This costs a lot but it is a good earn to earn energy quickly.

5. Wait about 2-3 minutes often. You'll earn 1 energy per 2-3 minutes, so you will easily have over 10 energy in half an hour.
I hope that this guide helped you out.

sct posted at 2012-06-16 20:53:50

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