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(03:27:18) camelolz:

At least I'm still here despite losing all my fanbucks for being less active:)

(05:45:28) goku1997:

Just hoping that the site gets a makeover, and cleans away the fraudsters -_-

(12:28:37) NeedZpKman:

Goku I can be online 12 hrs/day for blocking all frauders. without being an admin or a moderator.

(12:29:06) NeedZpKman:

Also, I can know who frauding and who's not ..

(06:23:52) goku1997:

Thats nice, but looks like these guys are working hard to get a new way to clean this mess, asap. If you know the people who fraud, do send us an email with proofs, we'll appreciate it :).

(06:20:41) Clardmie:

Placed an order on the 27th and never received a thing...

(06:50:19) goku1997:

@Clarmie, check your paypal for any reversals or revoking payment from your side. If not, then contact with your order no. and screenshot on the purchase proof.

(11:27:19) Clardmie:

No reversals or revoked payments from myside. It had been charged and taken out of my bank account.

(13:35:41) Clardmie:

Emailed with screenshot of proof of purchase and still nothing...........

(00:22:24) camelolz:

Hey there goku!

(12:15:23) goku1997:

hey man!

(12:15:57) goku1997:

@clardmie, i'll tell the admin to check with that matter asap, sorry for the inconvenience caused.

(16:14:40) ultrascati95:

Aw, i can't believe fanup has fallen apart like this... we used to be a very nice community, a place where you could help others and also help yourself in games :/ I'm feeling bad that i left the community all of a sudden but i was studying in the last 3 years and now that i'm more free (will study at university). i can't...

(16:15:33) ultrascati95:

I'm really hoping to see this site rebirth and will check back occasionally!

(09:34:57) spm8675309:

@ultrascati95 It truly is a shame to see this site go down. Great community all together. Hopefully it can revive soon.

(11:14:33) idiotstunt:

i dont think it will....its been like 6 months now..

(19:59:30) spm8675309:

@idiotstunt Yet we all come back here regularly hoping for something else.

(05:12:50) misslane:


(05:13:37) misslane:

when will amazon gc stocks will be available?

(09:07:16) avamajor:

is it just me or everybody? I cant seem to see any of the offers page. Its like its not loading or not there at all.

(20:44:29) spm8675309:

@Misslane Most things are now out of stock as the runner of the site has been inactive for a very long time.

(20:44:51) spm8675309:

@avamajor I don't believe there should be any issues with the offers page.

(11:58:54) tigat:

when amazon 3$ comeing

(12:34:08) McJhonkler:

More $10 Karma Koin (US) ??

(12:35:24) McJhonkler:

More Fun in Combat Arms :D

(18:15:46) TehBoomer:

How long does it take for a payment to be verified by their "queue"?

(18:43:54) TehBoomer:

K. Stop payment being processed now.

(02:15:14) webmoney:

i make offers in payment wall and until now i didn't received my fanbucks so WHat is that !!??

(02:15:23) webmoney:

when i will receive my fanbucks !!

(09:09:39) goku1997:

@webmoney if you've done the offers correctly, then you should get the fanbucks in the alloted time, if your still having problem, try and contact the offer's website, as this has nothing to do with us.

(16:07:04) maxben100:

@goku1997 what is the best way to earn free fanbucks

(13:29:22) webmoney:

omg. any admin here can help me !! i get 2 offers approved in the paymentwall offerwall but i didn"t get the fanbucks of it ?? what is that !!

(07:13:19) goku1997:

@maxben100 atm the site is down, so you cant really earn fanbucks, sry

(18:02:36) maxben100:

@goku1997 now i,m completed many offers and credited but i,m not received any thing
this fanbucks i will received it in the future or no
and i want you email please on facebook or anything to talk with you

(20:57:19) goku1997:

@maxben100 the site is not functional at all, we dont know whether it will be in future or not, keep checking, soon we will come back.

(12:37:41) 4564:

@goku1997 please give me ur facebook account to talk with you in an important something about fanup

(10:54:13) Mezo_elbrince:


(10:54:56) Mezo_elbrince:

any one here

(13:51:17) hundekindehun:


(13:04:22) memoman:


(12:11:16) memoman:


(08:12:52) locobaskeprra:


(08:12:57) locobaskeprra:

como ago para ganar fanbucks

(08:14:13) locobaskeprra:


(08:14:16) locobaskeprra:

repondan po ctm

(08:14:23) locobaskeprra:

vale callampa la pagina qla

(08:15:32) locobaskeprra:


(17:03:05) aannajf:


(17:03:09) aannajf:

anyone here ?

(18:14:21) coastboy23:

Hi is anybody here?

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