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Crisis Zones in Champions Online


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Champions Online

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Crisis Zones in Champions Online

♚ Different Crisis Zones ♚

This guides explains about Different Crisis Zones in Champions Online , what are those and gives a small background story on them.
♕Crysis Zones♕
Crisis Zones are instanced copies of the normal zone in which a specific crisis has taken place and players are asked to solve the problem. These zones normally include several NPCs with available missions which heroes will have to help inorder to solve these problems. There is typically one story which can be finished to complete the crisis zone without doing the side-story missions.After completing crisis zones takes the character to the normal version of the same area.☞These missions are Need-To-Be-Done inorder to progress with the story of the game☜.
★There are currently 6 Crisis Zones, one for each of the locations★.
♕Millennium City Crisis♕
The Qularr have unleashed a devastating surprise attack on Millennium City, Champions HQ has fallen and Defender is no where to be found. Help PRIMUS and the MCPD to rescue citizens and defeat the Qularr. This is the first crisis zone your character will encounter. The first character you create will be forcefully asked to complete this crisis.Millennium City Crisis is the tutorial mission.If there is atleast 1 character on the main city, then the players can skip the tutorial crisis.
★The players can earn 6 types of perks in the Millennium City Crisis, they are :
Red Bug Down - Climb on top of the crashed Qularr scout ship just across the street from the Mayor, and Sapphire in the Millennium City Tutorial.
Ironclad Offensive - Complete the Open Mission Battle of the Ironclad. The perk is awarded after the end of the tutorial. ( this is a world mission that occurs every 10 mins)
Learn the Ropes - Learn the basics of how to be a Super Hero in Champions Online in the tutorial.
Save the City - Protect and assist the people of Millennium City( help 8 NPCs)
Stop the Invasion - Stop the Qularr Attack on Millennium City(4 missions)
We Are The Champions - Talk all the super heroes after defeating Black Talon.
Vanquished Black Talon - Defeat Black Talon in the mission The Ironclad Defense.
♝Open World Mission - Battle of the Ironclad -Rebuild the cannon to destroy the Qularr mothership.
Defeat Qularr Invaders (kill 30 in total - any player can participate)
Collect Cannon Parts (10 in total - any player can participate)
2:00 - Defend the Cannon ( defend the cannon for 2 mins )
At the end, the players are given rewards on the basis of their scores and performance

3t5b ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
♕Crisis in Canada♕
Oceanica Flight 407 has crashed in the harsh Canadian Wilderness and an evil force has sent Ice Demons to destroy Force Station Steelhead and kill the survivors of the crashed flight. Help Justiciar rescue the survivors, kill off the Ice Demons and clean the place from Zombies. You must complete this crisis to gain access to the Canadian Wilderness.
★The players can earn 2 types of perks in the Crisis in Canada, they are:
Raiders on the Storm : Save Air crash victims and stop the unnatural storm.
Vanquished Rakshaasa : Defeat Rakshasa in the mission Into the Storm.
♝Open World Mission - Blight of the Living Dead -
Find the lost Steelhead guard patrol (6 in total - any player can participate)
Use Zombie Device to "Out" the infiltrators and defeat them (10 in total - any player can participate)
Take Down the Zombies (30 in total - any player can participate)

 w345 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
♕Desert Disaster♕
The mutated creatures and humans known as the Irradiates have launched an attack on Project Greenskin. PRIMUS would be able to handle this attack, but they are being overruled by large numbers of irradiates.You must complete this crisis to gain access to the Desert.
★The players can earn 3 types of perks in the Desert Disaster,they are
Vanquished Ferd : Defeat Ferd in the mission Built Ferd Tough.
Vanquished Gigaton : Defeat Gigaton in the mission Radiation Domination.
Out of the Wasteland : Stop the Irradiate Attack on Project Greenskin.
♝Open World Mission - None !

♕The Crisis on Monster Island♕
After his defeat in Canada, Teleios has retreated to his lab on Monster Island and has made a deal with VIPER(really bad guys) to supply the wth weapons and technology. Help UNTIL agents(the good guys) and the animals(well sort of !) to take back the island. You must complete this crisis in order to access Monster Island and the Lemurian Crisis. This is a single time, party based crisis and is different from other Crisis-s and this crisis is more or less like the hero games.

13d ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
♕Lemurian Crisis♕
The Bleak Ones attacked the UNTIL submarine the Aegir on it's way to Lemuria. It is sinking to the bottom of the Indian Ocean and needs to be repaired. Your Hero must complete this crisis in order to access Lemuria. The Aegir was ambushed by an army of strange aquatic lizard creatures, all wearing Lemurian armor and Lemurian Weapons.
★players can earn 2 types of perks in the Lemurian Crisis,they are
Crisis Beneath the Sea : Complete the crisis Lemurian Crisis.
Crisis in Lemuria : Complete the Lemurian Crisis
♝Open World Mission : None

b45 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
♕Vibora Bay Apocalypse♕
The fallen angel known as Therakiel, has called down the final battle between good and evil. It will flow through Vibora Bay, spreading destruction over the city of Vibora. . Those who were once allies will stand against each other. Villains shall gain powers they only dreamed of before, and heroes will fall. You must complete this crisis in order to access Vibora Bay.
★The players can earn 6 types of perks in the Vibora Bay Apocalypse,they are
Flux Incapacitator - Complete the Vibora Bay Crisis
Vibora Bay Gangs: Trey Kings - eak to Akako Yamimori about the Trey Kings (during the mission Enemies Amok)
Vibora Bay Gangs: Sovereign Sons - Speak to Orlando Rodriguez about the Sovereign Sons (during the mission Enemies Amok)
Vibora Bay Gangs: Dogz - Speak to Theomistekles Venedictos about the Dogz in the mission(during the mission Enemies Amok)
Vibora Bay Gangs: New Shadows - Speak to Fiona Abercrombie about the Sovereign Sons (during the mission Enemies Amok)
Bleak Outlook : Defeat Corrupted Amphibian in the mission Blast to the Past.
♝Open World Mission : None

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