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Family Funnies Caption Contest

Contest Winners

1st place - itzjohnny - dentist

2nd place - raytiger3 - Alliance Turkey Arms

3rd place - DanYo1 - Pecan Pie

4th place - mrflasha - "I have to him"

5th place - pragun - "bullets on the head"




Welcome to FanUp's Family Funnies caption contest.


How it works?

Save one of the images below and add a funny, weird or awkward caption that is fitting of a strange family gathering.
If you're the artistic type feel free to make you're own panel to submit.
Feel like being super nice and earning some kudos from the community? Make a blank panel for everyone to use!

1. Don't steal ideas!
2. Don't use images of real people (celebrities/politicians are ok :D)
3. Try and keep the curse words to a dull roar.
4. Don't be racist, nobody likes a bigot.
5. You may submit as much as you like, but you can win only one prize.
6. Contest ends Nov. 30th
7. Submissions should be posted to this page in the screenshots section.

1st - 2500 FanBucks
2nd - 2000 FanBucks
3rd - 1500 FanBucks
4th - 1000 FanBucks
5th - 500 FanBucks


The Turkey Lover

Turkey Lover


The Mad Pie

The Mad Pie

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