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Call of Duty Black Ops II- Tower of Babble Easter Egg


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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

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Call of Duty Black Ops II- Tower of Babble Easter Egg

Tower of Babble is one of the hardest achievement/ trophy to obtain in Black Ops II, not only because it’s pretty long but also because it require a lot of little passages that must be done before being able to activate this strange easter egg. First of all, there are 2 ways to achieve it, the Dr.Maxis’ path and Richtofen’s path.

First of all the Dr.Maxis’ path require all the 4 players to be done, instead the Richtofen’s one could be done even in 2 but you must be Samuel in order to listen Richtofen’s words, but the method is pretty long and harder to make so doing in 4 is way more easier.

An important thing is that the players who’d like to earn this eachievement/ trophy mustn’t have did it before because it can be earned only if the 4 players have never earned, so if someone has already earned it, he’ll block the chance to the other players to earn this hard achievement.

Common Steps:

1) First of at least 2 players must have the Turbine, that can be assembled in the Bus Depot, which is the starting location.

2) 2 players must have the EMP grenade, that can be found only in the Mistery Box.

3) At the Power Station (4th bus stop) the players must create the switch to turn on the power. The parts are located in the Laboratory of the Power Station.

4) At this point after having assembled the switch the players must activate it and then Dr.Maxis will start talking, and Richtofen will do the same to Samuel.

Dr.Maxis way:

1) Dr.Maxis will ask the players to turn off the power, after he’ll finish talking do it.

2) Then all the players must go to the Pylon which is located between the Power Station and the Farm, the Pylon is located in a cornfield and the players must stick together since there are the Denizens in that area. If a player miss the row he can look up and see the Pylon, it happen often since the Cornfield is basically a little labyrinth.

3) Once the players has arrived to the Pylon they’ve to eliminate the zombie wave, which at last will appear the Avogadro, an electric zombie that can be killed only by EMP Granades. At this point 2 players have to put their Turbines under the Transmission Tower and the Electricity Pylon and kill Avogadro with the EMPs

4) At last , once killed Avogadro, 2 players must place 2 Turbine into two different street lamp location, the bests are that one at the Bus Depot and the other at the Diner. Once reached the street lamps the 2 players must have to place the Turbines at the same time, then all the players will earn the “ Tower of Babble” achievement/trophy


Richtofen’s way

1) At this point if Samuel is in the party, the power must remain on. Now the players must have to assemble the Jet Gun Thrustodyne Aereonautics Model 23. The Jet Gun is formed by 4 parts which are placed in 4 different areas of the game. The Jet Engine can be found in the Tunnel which is placed between the Bus Depot and the Diner. The Wires that can be found in the room of the Tombstone Soda, inside the Power Station. The Pressure Gauge which is placed in the Hunter’s Cabin, between the Power Plant and the Town. The Handbrake can be found at Nacht Der Untoten, which is placed in the CornField. Nacht Der Untoten is also the first zombie map of the COD series, which is set in Call Of Duty World At War.

2) Once took all the pieces, the Jet Gun can be assembled in the first floor of the Town’s bar. Once assembled only a player can carry it.

3) Now the players have to go under the Transmission Tower after having reached it. Now Richtofen will start talking to Samuel by saying him to destroy the lower part of the Tower, once destroyed the players have to eliminate all the zombies under the tower.

4) Once the zombies has been eliminated the players must have to put 4 EMP grenades at 4 different green lamp post that are placed around the Tranzit map.The players have to throw the granades at the same time at the lamps in order to achieve the “ Tower of Babble” trophy/achievement. If the players are two, both players have to carry on a Denizen and activate a teleport under a green lamp, before jumping in the teleporting area both players have to launch an EMP and after having reach the next green lamp , through the teleporter, launch the second EMP. If the EMP has been launched correctly, Richtofen will thanks Samuel and all the players will receive the achievement.


Dr.Maxis' & Richtofen's way:

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