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Call of Duty Black Ops II- Campaign Solution [Part 2]


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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

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Call of Duty Black Ops II- Campaign Solution [Part 2]


Follow your mates to the lift, when the door will open eliminate the 2 enemies and follow Salazar and there will be a cut scene. Now you’ll control Ziggy a little drone, lead him to the pipe, destroy the pipe on the left, keep going and climb the wall to avoid the barrier and again go the the left pipe and press the button in the cut scene once jumped. Now you’ll control again Mason, use the scansion tool to open the door and eliminate the enemies to open the door on the left and hack the servers. Now go out from the room and examine the desk to obtain the intel, once left the room activate the QTE sequence. Follow the indicator and eliminate all the enemies that try to block you, pay attention to the enemies at the end of the room that will use the smoking grenade to distract you. Use the lift to reach the bar and from there reach Harper’s group at the disco, after the cut scene there will be a slow motion event, you’ve to take down the enemies as fast as possible. Enter in the room of the left , open the door and now go to the right; eliminate all the enemies and reach the lower floor to obtain the intel. When you’ll enter in the new room a part of the ceiling will fall down, just stay on the right and use the drone to help you, go downstairs and eliminate all the drones and enemies you’ll find on your way; on the opposite zone you’ve entered in there is the intel. Pass the stairs and follow the indicator as soon as possible to eliminate Salazar and finish the mission.


Suffer with me

Examine the back of the house before activating the cut scene. Now follow your team and Mason to the beach. While moving on the left of the building take down all the enemy soldiers and reach the top floor to eliminate the remaining soldiers. Follow Mason and reach the end of the office by using the desks as covers, before going down get the intel in the bookcase on the left. In the lower floor kill the soldiers trough the windows and kill the enemy of the opposite building to take the stairs on the left. Once did in the depot let the allied sniper take down the enemies to reach Mason. After the cut scene, kill the soldiers in the courtyard by paying attention to the civilians, to pass to the door on the opposite zone. In the next area you can choose which path you’d like, but to spend less time the left path is preferable. At the half of the path you’ll find a building with an intel on the left; when the APC will arrive use the hole in the wall and pass the door on the other side to activate the cut scene. At the end follow Mason and go to the room at the end of the path to recover the intel and follow the indicator to activate another cut scene. Now it’s time to eliminate some enemies and going in the upper floor trough the stairs on the left; reach the end of the path and finally jump. Follow your mates and at the balcony get the sniper and choose to shoot at the head or at the leg of the hooded man.


Achille’s veil

Follow the guy with the white vest until the cut scene. Now go down and eliminate the drones, go the the right and before exiting use the stairs to reach the opened door on the left to obtain the intel and an optical camouflage. Reached the market use the left side to take the best covers and take the right of the building you’ve to reach to see the plane crash. Now open the door on the left and use the stairs to reach the next point; here you’ve to defend your team mates by using the flying drones and once entered in the building with the columns take down the soldiers with their drones. Once left the building you’ll see a whole troop coming just for you! Eliminate them and follow the path to a machinegun, use it to clean the area follow the indicator and activate the cut scene. Now you are on an helicopter and you’ll use a minigun, eliminate as much enemies as possible and pay attention to RPGs. Now you’ll be again on your feet, reach the area on the left and explore the room to get the intel behind some boxes, follow the path by covering yourself. Enter the next building and reach the balcony that will give you a view of the remaining enemy soldiers. Now you can choose the path, no matter which path you choose you’ll always find enemies, pay also attention to the buildings on your side since are full of enemies. Reach the stairs, after having killed all the soldiers, to the top floor to recover the intel and enter in the building, exit it from the other side and pass to the bridge, now you’ll find yourself full of enemies, kill them and reach the indicator to finish the mission.



After the cut scene visit the armoury and exit from the door. You’ll find yourself against an enemy armed with a turret and all the systems will see you as enemy. Open the door on the right to get some documents on a desk and reach the indicated door by paying attention to the turret on the ceiling. In the next room you’ll be able to hacking the panel of the turret, which will take down all the enemies in the room. Now keep going and open the door on the right to recover an intel and reach the next control panel. Go downstairs and follow the path to the door at the end and continue in descent and pass trough the three rooms that bring to the next stairs. Now downstairs cover yourself and if possible hack the door and the turret, and when possible run to the downstairs and enter in the big red and yellow building to activate the cut scene. After the cut scene you’ll be another character who have to decide to kill or not the hostage, at the end of this sequence you’ll be again Mason. Enter in the wall and reach the end to use the console and have another cut scene. Now follow Harper and before accessing to the last area go upstairs on the left and recover the intel. In the hangar approach Salazar for a cut scene, after that go ahead to the next door and use the plane’s rest as cover, clean the area and get the elevating platform. Now use the rests as covers and move to the right by paying attention to the intel which is inside a V-Tol.


Cordis Die

After having used the turret, follow the marker and decide how to continue, if you would like to enjoy the level take the sniper’s way. Anyway at the end of this sequence you’ll found an intel inside a white car, once get go ahead to have a driving sequence, just follow the instructions. At the end you’ve to help your mates to destroy an enemy Claw, once did activate the drone inside a container. The next objective is to take down the other Claw, but before take down the enemies in the area and reach the building on the left to recover the intel and take down the Claw with few grenades. Once did the marker will indicate another Claw, just take the rocket launcher in the cargo and destoy it. Now reach the Downtown Plaza, climb the lift and obtain the intel on the right. Now use the button on the left which is placed up the lift and reach the top floor, where by using a machinegun you’ll take down all the flying drones. Go down and follow your team to the balcony that will give a good cover to eliminate the enemies on the road, follow the indicator for the cut scene. Now follow Harper and drive the V-Tol, initially you’ve to cover the ambulance and after take down the drones to complete the mission.


Judgement Day

As in the second chapter you’ll again use a flying vest and avoid the upcoming missiles. Once landed find the box at the building’s back to find a drone and help your mate to destroy the Claw. Go upstairs and after having killed the machine gunner in the camion reach the building marked as “26” and kill the enemies at the back. Now use the column to take a cover and kill the enemies, once did reach the ammo area which is filled of enemies with invisible vests, once cleaned the area reach the stairs at the end and kill the guard, now go ahead and reach the top by paying attention; enter in the building on the right and reach the last floor to recover an intel and follow the instructions. Destroy the Claw and eliminate the enemy supporting troop, once the area is clear go downstairs go the back of the building and eliminate all the enemies you find on your path. At the last door take cover behind a desk and eliminate the 2 soldiers then go ahead, hack the control of the sentry bot and clean the road on the left, now before reaching the room control you’ll keep finding enemies. Inside the room find a cover and move after the situation is under control, now go upstairs and you’ll find an intel on a desk. Open the door of the top floor to continue. Once reached another room control at the end of stairs, activate the panel for a cut scene; so follow Harper to the top floor and eliminate all the resistance. Enter in the next room and keep going at the beginning of the other one, now will arrive a huge amount of invisible enemies, even from the windows, reach some boxes to use them as cover. Eliminate the remaining enemy and go downstairs to go upside and recover the last intel on a box. Follow Harper and go ahead the hallway and open the door to activate the cut scene. You’ll have to decide to kill or not your objective, once decided you can enjoy one of the final! The finals are basically 3 regarding what does you’ve choosed during the game!

Congratulation you’ve completed the campaign and recovered all the intel datas!

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