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Guide to force blader!


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Cabal Online

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Guide to force blader!

The Force Blader is a hybrid class, and his magic is not comparable to that of magic classes.
At this point you might think that a class is weak.
But no, the Force Blader class is perhaps the most versatile and powerful of the game. A force blader can be the best in all fields.

The skill of the sword, as mentioned, are not very powerful in terms of damage, their advantage is speed. No other class can DPS like a infilggere Force Blader's sword.
In PvP / PK / War has nothing to envy to WA and BL, since that makes up for the lack of insane damage with a spectacular rate.
In PvE, and excels in fighting with the boss debuffs that are inherent in each shot and can rely on the skill with longest stun time of the game (Infernal Stigma).

The magic is pretty useless in terms of attack.
"So my first sword skill" you might think.
Wrong, as the attack is surely unnecessary, but all of the FB buffs are all magic, and are clearly the most powerful buffs in the game.
The force blader buff that has 4 shall be brought up (lvl 20) that enhance HP, HP regen, Def, Def rate, Atk, Atk rate, Critical Rate and Critical Damage.
How to start:
Beginning it will be readily apparent that the damage of magic is higher than that of the sword (magic + low level is very strong low level of the sword).
My best advice is the skill with sword and magic from the start, (impact stab, flash draw, magic arrow and start over) to pick up and groped always equal rank, so if you pass the apprentice sword and you are still novice of magic begin using only magic (and thus also with the next rank).
Another good idea would be, once you get to double exports to start until skil only magic sword to Master and then resume; recommend this because Master magician should get all the buffs at level 20, and they help a lot.
How to best use the Force Blader:
This part refers to the FB with a minimum skill level G.Master / Master
Very easy, any skill goes well, the important thing is to infernal stigma lvl 9 and knowing the time to use the stun, to understand the category Feast your boss.
Boss fighting:
Here is the fun part of the FB, the cabal of the other classes should take little damage to condemn the boss, you are highly frigates there, yawning and even you can safely relax in the boss fight, we see why.
There are two combinations for planing boss with FB, if you feel like a tire the other if you are lazy and do not want to do the combo.
The first is to use the skill combos and 4:
Infernal Stigma lvl 9 -> Force Impact lvl 9 -> Infernal Impact lvl 9 -> Force Drive lvl 9
The infernal stigma freeze the enemy for the time necessary to use the other three skills, and undergo a single stroke while you redo the infernal ristunnate the opponent and then, in short, 4 hits and a potion. When you finish the combo will do just leave right away with the skills that you failed to bring the Force to jump in and combo drive for the first lap.

Upgrade skills:

Vitality Mastery LV10
Offensive Sense LV8
Defensive Sense LV8
Impact Control lv3
Damage Absorb lv3
Eye of Mind lv3

Credits: pasqlo and some information on the Web

pasqlo posted at 2011-11-17 13:51:34

i dont recive my fan coins
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i dont recive my fan coins

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