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Force shielder!

Force Shielder

Analysis of the class:
The Force Shielder is a hybrid class, this means that its power is not comparable with the sword, and WA and BL and that magic is not comparable to that of WI and FA.
The peculiarity of the whole cabal is shielder is virtually the only class that can have two different builds (which are basically referring to PvP) and Magical Sword Shielder Shielder.
I shall rely on the explanation of shielder sword for two reasons:
And 'the build that I use;
The build magic will probably become obsolete with the passage of the episode 2 and the introdizione completer skill with the sword.
The peculiarity of the shielder is the high value of the defense, maybe you will not do much damage, but above the PK / War, people will break the guts to attack you because he can not knock you down.

The sword skills are really very powerful compared to those of another character who has any skill with the sword, but they are fast enough to afford not to worry about in PvP, in PK / War is already worse, because if someone who is a pecking abilities equal to your stay here as fools Mazzola, the first to lose a nuisance.
The FS (Force Shielder, not the state railways <. <) He gets a very high magic damage than all other skills classes with the sword, it is certainly not comparable to a WI / FA, but not taking damage recovers, of course PvP outside of all this is useless, I want to see you knock out someone who can pool only with the cannon.

A good thing is that the shielder its 2 buffs (not counting regeneration) are magic, so do not take away the skill of the sword slot, force you to magic skill now and especially in the case of crushing blades get very high crit rate and damage The other is buff and defense of lv 20 +29 def, like other buffs of the game, and will play as a block of steel reinforced concrete.

The beginning:
One advantage is that all of shielder sword skills are pleasing to the eye. The Board has always been skill with sword and magic, so when one exceeds the other just stop and skill that left behind. At low levels you can not afford much in PvP against your peers, given that your skills are weakling. Spell damage will be much stronger than the sword, until you take the sword to the Storm Crush, slow skill, but with awesome damage, there is no other skills at the same level as strong in attack, unfortunately, lasts 6 seconds, then in PvP / PK, while others will do the hammer down.
For Maguire if you take the Blade Judgement, skill distinguish you from your fellow armor (the WA) for life for PvE. In fact, this skill stuns everyone hits, while the warrior does not stun. The Warior is forced to take them, you do not.

How to best use the Force Shielder:
Let's say that I'm referring to here they are at least G.Master Force Shielder / A.Master (with G. Master lv9 and that move also brought to G. Master Magic).
Important to know that the Force Shielder has a low attack, but has a critical buff that allows you to do a lot of damage. So you hope the critics.

Here anything goes, the better of you in PvE there is no one, at most if you use the mobb BoJ to stun, but you should have no problems.
Boss fighting:
You have the chance to stun with the BoJ, so use it.
Without sufficient interval combo lv9 G. Masters, and storm crush lv9 with the BoJ lv9
BoJ lv9-> Shield-Break lv9> Storm Crush lv9-> BoJ lv9-> Shield-Break lv9> BoJ lv9-> Storm and so on ...
If you have add a combo skill G.master else to go there with the stun time, I use the earth splits LV20 that both the user to move the boss in areas where less packaging, but they go well or LV20 ray shield guillottine LV20.
In short, the combo becomes
BoJ lv9-> Storm-Crush lv9> BoJ lv9-> Earth (or whatever you choose) LV20-> Shield Stormlv9 and start over.

PVP / PK / War
In PvP, you just need a good combo to win in PK / War is a bit 'harder, because the same power there ever throw down, but not you to them, unless you leave the critics right.
I have a combo of my own that I created and that out of modesty is very strong, there is obviously not the place, because it is private, though official forums there is a combo of Cabal Inf3rno shielder the sword that seems to be more stronger than Mars, so I asked this.
Break-lv9 Shield> Shield Explosion LV19-> LV20-Ray Shield> Round Cut LV20

Build and Equip a high level:
Shielder unfortunately you can not upgrade using osmium armor of the other classes (Force Blader bladers, and often use osmium armor rather than a terragrace / Mystic crafted and not slotted)
But surely wearing armor with the highest defense of all
I recommend using osmium Armour across two slots until you find the good pieces of shineguard (Slott and crafted)
If you can find stuff I recommend Shineguard crafted with deathblow of critical rate inc or sword skill amp.
For arms and blades are fine and crystal. In case you doubt between a Topaz Crystal in a slot and a two-slot Lapis I prefer the Topaz a slot, given that the Astral Shield becomes more powerful depending on the level of the crystal.
Basically you have 2 slots with a pencil the advantage of the two upgrade slots, with a topaz have + defense.
For the build I am for STR, because for more defense, even if you raise DEX ATK rate (so crit) def rate, but lose in normal def. Thus, both STR and DEX are valid.

Upgrade skills:

Vitality Mastery LV10
Offensive Sense LV8
Defensive Sense LV8
Impact Control lv3
Damage Absorb lv3

Warning: This guide does not belong to me, is taken from a forum, I gave him only the small touches go well I hope:)

pasqlo posted at 2011-11-18 10:22:42

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