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Cabal guide to classes


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Cabal Online

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Cabal guide to classes

Here it is present in the six classes each with its own unique cabal different

* Warrior - Use powerful attacks with the sword of the blader less powerful but more robust and 'a class very common
of cabal, has a speed 'exp even faster in the low-blader in my humble opinion, is dressed with
heavy armor, widely used and good for PVE (fighting against the monsters in bulk) anke if
generally and 'slow to make a character skill!

* Blader - Fast and lethal use of physical attacks (SWORD) with which it definitely makes the class more damage to the opponent of filling it blows very strong and fast, and 'a kind of ninja as lightweight armor almost like kimonos, however, has a defense of a magician so very low! has some really nice effects with spectacular skill and 'cmq in my humble opinion the class more slowly ever to pull on and harder!

* Wizard - The Wizard has to say for excellence that exceptionally strong powers magic with its particular support for the other player can 'in fact, thanks to the magic boost their stats and other player temporarily making them even more dangerous than it already is .. anke this character type uses light armor almost kimono, which uses the same blader anke fact that this class has a defense, and 'very low with the difference that can' strengthen the defense thanks to his magic! Class of picking up fast! ! In my opinion the fastest of all!

* Force Archer - Use lots of spells that attack at a distance almost as much damage is high and the magician, magic has a little less supportive of the magician but in return has a mean defense, in fact as light armor, medium, anke this pg has effects of skill and very beautiful, and 'a great pg quick to pull up! excellent in PvP PvE and support!

* Force Blader - Use of physical attack skill even minor blader good and great magical skills, and 'a hybrid class, but it may very complete' make magic stats alone and increase only if the same can 'do magic decrement statistics and even immobilize or remove his opponent all the points necessary to make the skill MP, if knowingly and pull up 'the best class to pvp a little less anke PvE and if cm ²' a character who gets along, and ' pg of a medium speed 'need to pull up but not lose the time when the blader or warrior, it has a defense as average as the archer .. In my humble opinion a very good pg!

* Force Shielder - Class hybrid much like the Force blader in many aspects anke if oriented as opposed to the latter, in defensive spells and soothing to have a defense the whole game and enviable 'class tank that the classic and hard to pull Jun, you pull up with the same speed 'of a force blader, however, has powerful attacks and in pvp might not always be sufficient or the height of the situations and' the master of PvE dungeons and the war is thrown headlong into war skive shielding against bumps and strong caring and continuing to lead!

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Credits: pasqlo

pasqlo posted at 2011-11-14 10:29:21

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