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Borderlands 2- Review


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Borderlands 2

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Borderlands 2- Review

Borderlands 2 is one of those games that mix the first person shooter’s warfare with the MMO features that have conquest a great part of gamers, those MMO features are absolutely perfect for the long cooperative campaign. Borderlands 2 take place as in the first chapter in the Planet Pandora by following its plot. Thanks to the opening of the Crypt now the world is full of a new precious material that the multinational company, Hyperion Corporation would like to monopolyze. Moreover it’s born a myth of a second Crypt that have now filled Pandora of treasure hunters that hope this time to encount a treasure and not a new strong enemy as happened in the first chapter.

The player take role of one of those treasure hunters who have survived to a trap. Hyperion has gived him a bounty, so the player not only have to survive but have also to find the second Crypt.



After having started the game the first thing to do is creating the character. Truly the character are standardized and once selected one you are able to modify it slightly, but most of the modification could be done once obtained certain rewards trough the quests. Even the character’s growing by levelling up is regulated by the system, and you could only assign points for the skills, which could be done after reaching the 5th level.

The 4 basics classes are: Commando, Siren, Gunzerker and Assasin

Like in the first chapter, each class has an his own ability, the Action Skill, which must be get firstly then there are secondary skills that are divided into 3 branches. The greatest difference from the first chapter is the number of powers that can be selected, that has been increased a lot by letting an higher personalization and giving a major importance to the role aspect of the game. Another important aspect of this new system is that if you would like to access to some useful skills you’ve to spend some before to some other that you may not like, since the new system basically work as a tree where you have to create your character on each sides.

There are several ways to personalize and upgrade your character, most related to the loot. A new thing is the Badass Ranking that give extra bonus to the players if he respect and complete some games objectives. The most important things about the Badass Ranking is that it apply to each of your characters, so if you complete the game with certain bonus once you create a new one that one will have the same bonus. So regarding the first chapter the game has been improved in the character personalization, that now offer a wide variety in the cooperative and online gameplay.


The Loot

Pandora is full of loots, divided into little loots that give ammunition to the players and the greaters that not only give new weapons but even modules and various cotillion. The best items are obviously in rare loots, like in the first chapter. Borderlands 2 introduce the treasure chest that could contain extremely rare item, so if you see one you should always give it a chance. Like in the past, the items are divided into 5 categories that show how much rare are them, the most powerful items and weapons are the most rare. At the beginning the characters could handle only 2 weapons per time but by levelling up new slots will be available by letting the player to bring always a little arsenal with him. A factor that will decide if you survive or not, since a good variety of weapons are necessary to face the severals type of enemies that you could battle. There are also gears that can be applied to the weapons, like the various dots that can enhance the power of a weapon by a lot. Like said before, most of the game items and weapons, and the most powerful and useful, are mostly available trough the loots. The best is to play online, since the enemies will be way more stronger and harder to kill, a factor that will grant better loots, but since the loots are shared you have to be very quick or you may not get your part of loot


The cooperative

Like in the first chapter, the cooperative is the real heart of the game, it’s true that having a good friend with you in some games is really useful, but in Borderlands 2 it’s a must! Borderlands 2 even if have a single player mode, it’s basically created to be played in cooperative. Not only the enemies are way more and harder to kill, but the loots are even better and you’ll also start to get vehicles that can carry more players with you by creating real raids on huge scale. Another important factor is that when you play in single player, you usually decide the upgrade your character as you would, but in the cooperative now you have to think about your group and you’ll start assign skills and get abilities that can help the whole team, just to have a well balanced team. Also playing with friends will help you to have good time when you have to return back again in a same place after a long travel, or go in far places. So the cooperative show the real game and the real Pandora, but it also put in a bad light the single player mode.

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