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Blacklight: Retribution

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Easy Tips to Do Well

So Blacklight Retribution is quickly becoming my FPS of choice and for good reason. This game is fun, runs smooth and offers enough customization to make it different than the pack. However their haven't reinvented first person shooters and some basic tips can be use on BL:R just as any other shooter to keep you competitive.
You're not Rambo so don't act like it. Remember when Rambo opens up with his M249 light machine gun in the movie. Yea that was cool but truth is light machine guns are design as tools for suppression. They aren't design to get many hits but rather just keep heads down. Well this isn't so much cause of the weapon as it's just a simple fact that you don't land many hits in real life or virtual when firing in full auto. The United States Army realize this years ago when adopting the M16 which is why it was switch to burst fire weapon over full auto. So where does all this come into play? Well simple, don't always go full auto, actually you should only do so if very close range and you are still then spray and pray more than anything just with better odds. Try to shoot in 2 or 3 round burst for best results. With practice you can become quick at sending bursts down range and actually landing more hits than full auto.
Cover is your friend, so use it. No I don't mean camp as that's pretty much useless in BL:R anyhow (if you played at all you know why). But rather use corners to jump in and out of between shots to avoid being hit so much. You will find that your K/D will improve when using cover to your advantage. Sometimes there just isn't any cover... what do you do then? Well don't just stand there soldier keep them feet moving. Learn how to shoot on the move as you will be much harder to hit.
Finally the most important part that if often overlooked and forgotten is that you have team mates. Watch where they run, what they are doing and work with them rather then against them. If they are capturing a node, don't just run off to the next node to score points for yourself. Find a good spot with cover to watch your team mates back. They are much more likely to get killed and lose the node with out cover fire then if you are watching out for them. If you have 4 team mates going one way and only 1 going the other, give the lone ranger so company as they will more than likely need some help more so than the other 4 players. This ensures that hopefully no team mates are caught completely alone, including yourself.
In closing focus on getting hits and not just wasting ammo, try to stay on the move and close to cover, and remember team work and watch out for each other to lead your team to victory. Good luck and have fun!

DeadOnTarget posted at 2012-07-02 15:20:57

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