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Competitive Scene: How to Stay Cool


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Competitive Scene: How to Stay Cool


   There comes a time were you might be invited to play for a competitive team, or you join one. In a competitive environment there is a ton of shouting, yelling and screaming going on. It gets to the point were you will feel disoriented within your own team. Which will get you upset and mad.

   I myself haven't really played for a "professional team" so I wouldn't know how it feels to be in that seat with teammates counting on you to win the game for them. But from the amount of pressure I experienced in clan friendly scrims is pretty huge. I can only imagine how  a real tournament must feel like.


   What I tend to do is focus on the game, to the point were I can hear my clanmates talking (that way I can hear the call outs, etc). When you're focused on the objective (which should be winning) you may not hear them sometimes, thus whys its important to pay attention to the situation on the VoIP and ingame. 

   Don't get emotional if you don't win the first match (matches are usually best out of 3 or 5). There is always a chance to come back, I have seen some really epic comes backs in different games.


   Most important tip anyone will ever give you is to wrap a cold towel around your head, with 2 cut outs (for your eyes, so you can see, duuuuuurrr). It will keep you calm and collect.


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Rales posted at 2012-06-20 11:35:47

9gagger? Or just using memes? :3 Anyway, nice tips ^_^ I've used these too :3
Raytiger3 posted 9 years 5 weeks ago

9gagger? Or just using memes? :3 Anyway, nice tips ^_^ I've used these too :3

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