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Mining in asteroids


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Battlestar Galactica

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Mining in asteroids


In Battlestar Galactica Online a way to get resources for shopping, keeping the ships and even travel, is mining asteroids. How did you get in BGO resources? Asteroids that roam the galaxies contain different materials that players should use.

First, there is a tool to identify what type of asteroid materials before us and that we offer. To identify an asteroid must approach and the ability to scan through Mineral Analysis Cluster

Once scanned, we see that the asteroids are 4 types and 3 contain only usable materials:

Blue: These are asteroids that provide water that can be changed by Tilio

Yellow: What are asteroids composed of Tilio

Purple: Where there is a high concentration of Titanium

Red: Most asteroids, containing no material of interest

To extract these resources need to destroy asteroids. Once we destroy the option of collecting the materials on the asteroid. Remember that the largest asteroids hide more resources.

There are other bodies floating through space Galactica Online deBattlestar that are larger and are recognized in the game as planetoids. In these, also hide mineral resources and therefore can also be exploited for materials. However, these planetoids are so great that it would be too costly to destroy the ships, for this reason it will be necessary to enlist the help of a mining ship. The cost of installing these mining ships is 100 cubits and can only be installed in unoccupied planetoids.

Do not despair if you track only planetoids occupied as these come to be destroyed when all resources are extracted and reappear to be exploited again.

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