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Battlestar Galactica

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Combat Viper / Raider

Is it hard to defeat other players at your level in your Viper or Raider? Here are a couple of tips to make you a Top Gun of Battlestar Galactica Online.

- If you do not get the wow factor and starts fighting against each other, active retros and minimizes the time that both are going to be subjected to direct fire from the other. At first, you can not know if their weapons are more powerful than yours, and when you realize it may be too late.

- When using missiles, wait until the last moment (distance 250 or less). That way, you will not have time to intercept. You, keep your finger ready on the Z key to automatically aim the missiles that you set during the approach.

Once you approach, it will be quite difficult to re-use the missiles, as will surely be a dogfight (distance less than 200 meters).

- Just before the first intersection, you have two options:

1. If you enable RCS allows you to rotate while moving in the same direction. That way, you can keep your focus extra few seconds can mean the victory or defeat. Remember that if you enable the recoil (space bar) cancels the effect.

2. RCS If you have no control, the power cut just before the crossing (key Q) and starts spinning. The ship will slow and gain turning radius. Hopefully, he'll do it later, so you have a few extra seconds of new flame.

3. If you can get your tail, try to shake off turning from side to side. It is what is known as "scissors". To counter the twists, put zero power (Q) and gives small accelerations with retros (space) for reposicionarte while still shooting.

4. If your tail, tries to stop as soon as possible and despistale with rapid accelerations in any direction to him by the retros.

5. If both do the same thing, it is very possible that you remain face to face at close range, motionless. If you have more points than him, you can try to stay and win by shooting wear, or otherwise speed up and try again to get his tail.

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