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Complete Raider Guide and Tips


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Complete Raider Guide and Tips

Hi guys I have do this guide for you if u like play Rider in Battleknight, it can contains some writting errors and im sorry for this.

Basics Tips

- Having her knight still active
 - Minimize the possibility of keeping parts of his account
 - Be stronger than the other knights of his level


You need that your knight does anything everytimes for exemple working, doing some missions or any another activity

When your knight returns several hours you accumulate points and mission are two options open to you:

A) You have earned enough money to mount your work with a value of stat (or buy something you want) then do it. If you think you earn enough money with the mission time you have to install a stat counter to (or buy something you want) do it! Otherwise do a few fights for earning some money before your missions , because if you do your assignments before and you lose a fight. you will lose more pieces

B)You do not have enough money to get a higher stat (or buy something you want) then, do your assignments 20 points by 20 points until you have got the necessary ammount. We gain more Karma strength when doing missions 20pts instead of 60pts but there is less chance for gems ( perfect mission for 4 gems)

When you have not more money on your account begin the fights
 The principe is to use the page level that is in "high score". Click on the page level and then seeks the level that you want fight.

- Either you want to ride a level to buy something that is there and then you type on the same level or 1.2, ... levels above you so EP 2 by 2

- Either you want to stagnate on your level, to reinforcing your stats then slap on  -1 level than you to not take too fast EP

The money where you winnig here give u the chance to be the best from your level

You must increase the levels by landing it, we look our interessed level for buying new weapons, armor.We look the level from the another choosed knights and we increase our stats from the same ammount as the best choosed knights


Then just try to not reduce your EP but increases them to your choosed level while keeping the money earned on the account and then purchase the item or the runes that go with


There are levels where nothing is good to buy ,then do not hesitate to wait two levels without losing EP after upgrading your stats.

If the object can receive a rune it is best to buy it and insert it to the object before reaching the level because if the old object equipped with runes is exchanged by the new object without runes without rune you will be weakened!!!

Do not switch weapons or armor each time when a new arrives that is money lost!!!!

It is better to Update your statis as buying a useless weapon or armor!!


Also I hope that my guide have helped you to get the best Raider from the game, If u have questions post some comments and I'll answer them on your profile or on the comment page

I've using google translator for some words because im not perfect in english language (U can see on the pictures that Im german...)

If u like this guide guys, don't forget to fan it.


PS:I let u a scrrenshot from my female personnage here:

Exerath posted at 2012-05-25 03:00:05

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