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Soldier Abilities


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Soldier Abilities

6th Sense
Allow to see enemies unless they are stealth.
6th Sense is useful to avoid concentrated areas of enemies or to avoid being flaked in towns.

Burning Bullets
Temporary use incendiary rounds that do fire damage over time to enemies.
Can be use successfully on snipers or stealth enemy commandos to make them visible.
Combat Medicine
Useful to heal you and team mates, it is faster than bandage, but have a limited radius so you need to stick with your team mates to use this ability efficiently.
The amount of hit points healed increases with the number of team mates healed.

Grenade Spam
Grenades thrown from the grenade spam ability are weaker than individual grenades but have a larger blast radius.
Can be use to increase damage on vehicles combined with blasting strike.
Blasting strike
It is very useful against knifing commando, but also against vehicle because you can flip them over sometimes when they try to smash or run you down.
In towns can be successfully used against enemy infantry, by blasting them into walls.

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