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Commando Abilities


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Commando Abilities

Mark Target
Is very useful to reveal stealth enemy commandos to your team, also a fast way to earn some points or mark a target for sniping it easily behind trees.
When a target it is mark you get points for it, and if is damaged by your team you get additional points.
Mark targets that are burning to get additional points.

Is the main ability of a commando but as soon as you attack/place TNT or get revealed by Mark Target ability of an enemy commando, stealth will be removed.
The only action that can be done without losing stealth is to place Troop Traps.
The higher the ability level, the shorter is the refresh time and the closer you can get to enemies before they see you vaguely.
Troop Trap
Trop traps can be use in a variety of ways: ranging from increasing your jump to get on roofs or mountains, to kill enemy troops, or to protect against backstab from enemy commandos.
Troop traps on high levels though they should be placed on dark tunnels or at the bottom of buildings, because if they are spotted enemy will shoot them down.
For getting instant kill on enemy commandos you can stack 2-3 troops traps on top of each other, or just place 2 of them on walls so when enemy bounce from one troop trap will be thrown in the other troop trap.

Piercing Shot
Increase the power of the sniper rifle only for 4 seconds, between 13-23 damage.
Is a must if you plan to use sniper rifle tactic.
Grant commando a weak shield and a speed boots when is activated, it is very useful to make a quick exit after attacking a target, or get on the battlefield fast.
It leaves a big trail of smoke behind, good to confuse enemy when stabbing fail.
Even if you are stealth using this skill will give away your position as long as is in effect.

Poison Blade
Add damage over time to enemies that commando stab, unless the enemies use bandage or combat medicine to stop the poison.
This can't be use with elixir, and even if you are stealth, the characteristically sound and green aura will make it very hard to stab a target on high levels

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