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Battlefield Heroes - Classes


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Battlefield Heroes

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Battlefield Heroes - Classes

There are three types of classes you can choose the fps.


This class is specialized with sniper rifles, knives and guns, it is very fun to use, it is also very tactical in my ward, because the first elecante difuroi weapons there are also skills that are tactical, well now I'll explain. And 'the character with a few more HP (thank goodness otherwise I would not ever crack XD)


Stealth: Allows you to hide the sight of enemies in a certain range, the time is unlimited, we disabled this ability when attacking.

Piercing Shot: increases for a handful of seconds the damage caused by rifles, by oneshot XD.

Troop Trap: Trap launches a small explosive area of ​​effect that is triggered when an enemy approaches the trap that you can place as many times as one wants as well as other skills ... you should just wait for the recharge time.

Poisoned Blade: Blade of the poisoned dagger supplied, causing damage over time.

Elixir: Increases the speed of movement and creates a sottospicie of smoke which also decreases the damage suffered.

Mark Target: making buildings visible through any person or vehicle specified, and cancels the effect of the ability of a Stealth Commando.


The soldier is a versatile class that balances speed and armament to the game with skill-oriented team. It can be used as a primary weapon SMG, a shotgun or a pistol, and as the secondary explosive TNT and a grenade.


Heal: Heals wounds to the character himself and teammates.

Grenade Spam: launching multiple grenades in a single shot, but do less damage of normal grenades. (The grenade spamming LoL)

Blasting Strike: Throw enemies.

Burning Bullets: firing incendiary bullets with SMG provided, and burning the enemies, then do damage over time as the poison for the commandos.

Sixth Sense: shows the silhouettes of enemy characters (but not vehicles, and even hidden characters with Stealth) through walls for you and your companions.


The gunner is the most heavily armed of the three classes, but also the slower movements. His main weapon is an MG rapid-fire, accompanied by a shotgun. He provided as a secondary weapon in addition to TNT anti-tank rocket launcher.


Hero Shield creates an invisible shield around your character and companions around that absorbs a certain amount of damage.

Leg It: makes it run much faster than his teammates and any nearby

Explosive Keg: launch of an explosive barrel (recommended tactic to blow it up with the bazooka because it takes time to explode);

I Eat Grenades: it absorbs all the damage caused by grenades, booby traps, TNT, exploding barrels and tanks that shots hit you and reuses them to recover a little 'hp;

Fire Frenzy: increases the accuracy of MG for a short period of time and for every 4 shots below made with success in a single burst the gunner recovers energy

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