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Battlefield Heroes


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Battlefield Heroes

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Battlefield Heroes

Battlefield is a multiplayer game, divided into 2 team that fight to conquest the flags of the battle territory. Each team start with 50 tickets, and the objective is to reduce to zero the enemy tickets. But it’s not the only things, you have to kill as much enemies as possible. Since the more flags a team have, the more tickets will be deducted once an enemy die. This is the synthesis of the game system, developed by DICE, that every fan of the Battlefield series have learned and loved for its immediately.

To play the game you just need to go to the official site, register or have already an EA account and download the game. The peculiarity of this game is that it works on a browser.

Classes & Factions

The game offers 3 classes divided into 2 factions: Royal Army and National Army

Each player could create max 4 characters, choosing :

Commando: The Sniper with the ability to be invisible to do ambushes

Gunner: The character with heavy weapons, who’s able to use the anti tank rocket launcher.

Soldier: who’s the most used and balanced class in the game.


Once chosen a character you are ready to play. Unfortunately there isn’t a list of server but the system will detect automatically a match regarding your internet connection.

Differently from the whole series, Battlefield Heroes is a third person shooter, even if thanks to the developer you are able to use the classic first view. Battlefield Heroes is a title created right for those Casual Gamers, far from the classic strategies of the other Battlefields. The personalization of the character can be done trough the Hero Points, points that can be earned each 2 levels, that also offer the players to unlock new skills; the level cap is at 30, so 15 Hero Points that can be earned.



As the other Battlefields, Heroes offer as well 3 vehicles that give the player the chance to move faster around the maps, usually pretty huge, and cover better or attack certain zone in order to obtain easier the precious flags. The Jeep is mostly used as carry vehicle, you can also carry a friend on it, the Jeep could also be lethal when you run over an enemy, it’s also pretty funny when it happen! About the tank and the plane those are powerful and can be really lethal, obviously you’ve to learn how to use them , especially the plane which is really hard to control, but extremely powerful!



Battlefield Heroes come as Free to Play, which means that a lot of things aren’t for free. From the homepage of the game the players are able to buy Battlefunds, which is the premium currency for real cash. Those points are mostly used to buy the several character’s aesthetic personalization, but even some weapons. It’s also true that some of the same items could be bought trough the Valor Points , the game points earned by playing and completing the various missions assigned to the players. The minimum amount that can be bought are 700 Battlefunds, for 5€. It’s also true that the game is more enjoyable by paying some


This title offers an immediately of the battle, by reducing as possible to time without action. Just for example the respawn has been reduced to 5 seconds, while the other series have 15 seconds. The hardcore gamers will probably find this title too much simple, and on long time boring due to the low amount of maps and the poor variety of the classes, and a gameplay which is too much far from the excellent DICE productions.

But if you are looking for a game to enjoy few hours, without asking too much things and a simple and linear gameplay, Battlefield Heroes is what you are looking for!

On technical view, this game remember very much the famous Team Fortress 2, not only for the cartoon graphic but even for the character’s personalization and difference. On the global view the graphic is pretty good, but obviously not on high levels. One of the most good things is the fact that the engine could be reduced, so the game could be supported even on old pc. Also the music and sound are pretty good and enjoyable, for example the main music will obviously remember you the classic Battlefield music!

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