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Batllefield heroes Gunner Abilities


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Battlefield Heroes

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Batllefield heroes Gunner Abilities

Leg it
It is very useful to get back on the fight after you die, close on enemy position to use short range weapons or escape from a fight.
Most useful against enemy commandos to out run them and gun them down when they try to backstab.

Frenzy Fire
Increase accuracy and give the gunner partial health gain on every 4th hit.
The higher the ability, the more health the gunner acquires on the 4th hit and accuracy increase.
Eats Grenade
I Eats Grenades it allow the gunner to absorb grenades, Troop Traps, sticky bombs, rockets, explosive kegs, and even tank shells and gain health instead.
You can remove grenades and TNT that your enemies have placed near your tank by switching to the turret and activating I Eats Grenades.

Hero Shield
Absorb limited amount of damage and can be shared with team mates.
The shield expires when abilities run out or can be destroying by damaging it.
Explosive keg
Throw a barrel with explosive on enemies, delivering damage and slow the enemy down.
Stealth commandos get a red aura from the explosion. It is useful against tanks also or enemy vehicles.

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