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Apprentice GuardianJourneymen GuardianMaster Guardian

- These badges are giving to members of FanUp that help us welcome new

members as well as combat the vast army of trolls, spammers, hackers and Lugas

that attempt to annoy the community.



Master Guide Smith

Master Guide Smith - Award given to those users that have proven themselves

excellent authors, this badge also bestows extra content creation powers that

can only be trusted with the finest of guide crafters.



Veteran's Badge - This award can be earned just by joining the site and sticking around for a while. With this badge show people that you know your way around FanUp




eFangelist Badge - Earn this badge by partisipating in the eFangelist program. To learn more about 

eFangelists check out the page here




Visits Badge - Each time you log into FanUp you will gain one point towards upgrading this badge.


Guide Badge - Earn one of these quills for reaching a guide creation benchmark, can you reach the highest rank?


Questions Answered Badge - Whenever you ask a question on FanUp you will earn a

point towards upgrading your Questions Answered Badge to the next level.



Fan Badge - Each time a User "Fans" you, you get a point for upgrading this badge. People are more

likely to Fan someone they like or admire so be good to eachother and rank up your Fandom!


Screenshot Badge - Uploading Screenshots will upgrade this badge. Share your favorite images with

the community to become a snapshot master.

Comment Badge - Earn this badge by simply posting comments on other users pages.


FanCoin Badge - Earn FanCoins by using our site and show the world how rich you are!



Moderator Badge - This badge is reserved for our FanUp Staff, you cannot earn this one :( sorry

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