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Extreme Freeze Tag (Example)


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Extreme Freeze Tag (Example)

Extreme Freeze Tag

The basics of extreme freeze tag - two teams face off with each other and each player is given two weapons. A freezing rocket and another assault rifle or smg of their choice.

  • The freezing rockets freeze the enemy in place permanently unless unfrozen by an ally player that must run up and touch them.

  • Once frozen for ten seconds the player can be killed by the opposing team (Note: enemy team can be killed when not frozen but all players hit points will be drastically increased to make it impractical to kill and unfrozen player.)

  • After a player is unfrozen he gets a 60 second buff that prevents him from being frozen and he gains a movement boost. The buff will be called “Raging Hypothermia”

  • Players can collect “Thermal Grenades” from around the map that will allow them to unfreeze a friendly player from a distance.

  • Players may also collect “Thermal Underwear” that will automatically unfreeze them after being frozen for 10 seconds. This item is rare and is destroyed after use.

  • One team wins when the other is all wiped out or frozen.

Splooshi posted at 2012-01-24 07:56:39

michael762 posted 9 years 44 weeks ago
Cool game mode :D
ultrascati95 posted 9 years 44 weeks ago


Cool game mode :D

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