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December 9, 2011
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could you tell me how to post a efanglist??? thnks regards GOKU!!lol
goku1997 posted 9 years 31 weeks ago
ehmmm... the efangelist contest is having an important update... untill they finish that update all the efangelist posts won't be accepted! so let's wait :)
ultrascati95 posted 9 years 32 weeks ago
hello, you are like me. I don't run weekly contests, i'm only in the shade doing efangs. I will be getting a very high badge of efangs, i think 300+ because i always do efanglist. Recently i posted 101 and they still haven't been submitted, Because they are updating a big update.
spencer J posted 9 years 32 weeks ago
Hey theEpin must be written in this form (it's an example): AH4NB79CF. All the letters must be capitals! For be sure before write the Epin use the Caps Lock!
ultrascati95 posted 9 years 41 weeks ago
HELLO! Merry Christmas! Welcome to our numer 1 site. Be FRIENDLY, RESPONSIBLE and OBEY rules! Please participate in our new contest for you to win FANBUCKS: and we have 10% GCOIN bonus if you purchased.!
NYLeiGRAM posted 9 years 43 weeks ago
Hi! i saw that you are doing efangelist... which program you use for do screemshoots on internet??
ultrascati95 posted 9 years 43 weeks ago
I just go on the facebook page and after posting about fanup press CTRL and PRTSC (Print screen) then it copies the page.
CNTN posted 9 years 43 weeks ago
Heii! Welcome to FanUp ^^ Feel free to ask questions to some FanUppers that are already a "veteran" (3 months onthis site or more, I am at 2 atm ^^) or just email! :D
Raytiger3 posted 9 years 43 weeks ago
Hey! Welcome to FanUp! FanCoins is the currency you use to buy accessories for your avatar such as shirts, backgrounds etc. FanBucks is what you use to buy game currencies such as G1 Credits and Gcoins and you earn them by participating in the Weekly Leaderboard (, eFangelist (, or any of the others contests we have! ( If you have any other questions, feel free to contact any of us guardians, or send a mail to
AustinBlans posted 9 years 43 weeks ago

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