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September 26, 2012
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Welcome to Fanup! Contact me or any other guardians if you have any inquiries about Fanup. Join the recently held events for some fast fanbucks!!
camelolz posted 8 years 15 weeks ago
oh.. Sorry for that matter. You can email our admin for this issue. here is the email, Just tell more information regarding to your problem. Thank you..
NYLeiGRAM posted 8 years 15 weeks ago
Hi and welcome to fanup! I'm ultrascati95, i'm here to help you and answer to all your doubt about our fantastic website! To see the complete list of moderators and admins just go here. As new user i suggest you to take a look at the Fanup community aspects guide made by our fantastic guardian Advance. Doubt about fancoins & fanbucks? Take a look at Advance's guide on fanup currencies. Hope you will have fun on fanup and find what you need within 1000+ pages of guides ^^ ENJOY ;D
ultrascati95 posted 8 years 16 weeks ago
Welcome to FanUp, Im Exerath your guardian moderator, If you have any kind of questions feel free to post them of my profile ;) Have fun on FanUp
Exerath posted 8 years 16 weeks ago
welcome to FanUp!!!
idiotstunt posted 8 years 16 weeks ago
Greetings! Welcome to our number 1 social online game. I'm NYLeiGRAM your Guardian receptionist. Just want you to remind that NO spamming, OBEY rules, RESPECT co-fanuppers and be FRIENDLY! :) and Don't forget to join and participate to our contests and events. This is the newest contest, You can chat too if you have something to say, and if you have problems and suggestions please email @ Thank you and have FUUUUN! :)
NYLeiGRAM posted 8 years 16 weeks ago
Welcome to the FanUp Commnunity!
Advance posted 8 years 16 weeks ago

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