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Hey guys this is Goku and today I will tell you something about Arrows, and the use of them in Minecraft. I really hope you like my guide, and do infer something good out of it. So the guide goes somewhat like this:-





Arrow is basically used as a weapon against enemies and other mobs. It can be used with a Bow or even a Dispenser, though both will serve the same purpose so does not make any difference. But a Bow can be aimed at a certain position and another, but a dispenser can only focus at one position. The accuracy of dispenser isn’t that good, so it is advised for close range and not for far range. We can add various variation to the bow and make it more attractive. We can also add lava on the tip of the arrow, which on hitting the enemy would burn him, as well as damage his health. It is also used to fire TNT just by hitting it. You may also use the arrow to press a wooden button.



For making this you require:


1 Flint

1 Stick

1 Feather

Arranged in a way:-


----    flint  -----

----  Stick   -----

----- Feather -----


It should look somewhat like this on Crafting Table:



Well this was all in this guide of mine, thank you for reading it. Do Fan it, if you have any problem with the content contact me, I would love to update it, if the mistake found. Till  then stay tuned with fanup and wait for more, as there’s a lot to comeJ 


goku1997 posted at 2013-11-09 10:08:16

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