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swain guide

why swain?

swain is a hero who not only do tons of damage both in early as in mid and late game as if there is a tank that can withstand many blows and the enemy will think if they make you focus. Hero is a very easy to handle, as their only skill that requires precision is the "w". On the other hand is a champion who can make champions counterpick very hard and usually Banned, AHRI or as Kennen.


- Renewal of carrion (Passive): This passive more than anything you can stay online longer, since swain spends much much mana. If you do good last hit, the passive is quite noticeable.
-Decrepitate (Q): decrepitate slows considerably the enemy. This ability helps you engage your "W" and the more the more slow upload. It is the second habildiad which maximized.
-Paralyze (W): Well, maybe it's the most important skill of Swain, and you rely on it to kill. Ideally with that ability would convinarla with your "Q" to make it easier to hit, but you can always throw it away without Q, since it has more range.
-Torment (E): Well this is my favorite skill. Which is maximized first by his tremendous damage at first. This ability causes damage per second for 4 seconds and makes the other skills make a% more damage.
-Flock of crows. This ability transforms you into a crow and birds randomly shoot the enemies and you heal a small part of life that they have removed. Very useful spell combined with suction. Be careful with this skill because every second that you spend more and more active mana.

Top skills

- Well, I start with w especially if we do First blood. But it's always good to have at level 1 for escape. Then I maximized everything at their tremendous damage and then the Q. The w leave it to the end, why? simply because this skill is not meant to harm you, if not to take your other skills.

Up to level 6 would be something like: W - E - Q - E - E - R. Then all at E, and all the Q (Of course always giving the point to R)


Glyphs: Major Glyph of force x9 (Ap per level)
Stamps: Great Seal of the claw x9 (Ap per level)
Brands: Great brand of insight x9 (Magic Penetration)
Quitaesencias: Great quintessential power x3 (Ap)

Because these runes?
Well, some people opt for life in quitaesencias. I think it is not necessary. I prefer the top 15, p (That is quite noticeable with the E) to 76 of life. Besides, I'll have enough life in the late game

Summoner spells

Flash: We must cojerlo period. It is mandatory xD
Turn on: Turn think this pretty well, because if you combine it with all the poisons you have that is brutal, believe me xD


21/0/9, somewhat unclear.


- Wrath of calling 1/1
- Mental Toughness 4/4
- Obi 4/4
- Knowledge Arcane 1/1
- Havoc 2/3
- Explosion 4/4
- Archmage 4/4
- Executor 1/1


- Insight calling 1/1
- Open Mind 3/3
- Meditation 3/3
- Explorer 1/1
- Rune Affinity 1/1


1 - 3 Boots and potions.
2 - Ring doran
3 - Catalyst
4 - Boots penetration
5 - Rod of Ages
6 - Rylai
7 - Will of the ancient
8 - Cap deadly basky

With these objects not only tankearas to death, but will take away a lot of life you'll recover as a god and was thought to make you focus a lot on whether or not worthwhile. If you do focus just let your computer do the rest, anyway take a long to kill you. If you do not focus, you know ^ ^

enjoy :)

leo poldo posted at 2012-02-12 10:49:46

good guide =)
Mirio posted 9 years 40 weeks ago
leo poldo posted 9 years 41 weeks ago
I need to do my guide like this, so mine isnt soo plain xD Good job.
leatherrfacee posted 9 years 41 weeks ago

good guide =)


I need to do my guide like this, so mine isnt soo plain xD Good job.

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