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The Strong Man Report




                     1stWR.buffon73Quadra Kill!
                    2ndMean123A+ Parking
                    3rdadarnoSniper Surprise
                    4thImprecationxWe're Going Down!
                    5thmctyphoonHelicopter's Bad Day



PART 1 -This weekend on the 16th through the 17th our friends at War Rock are throwing a Strong Man competition in which players from around the Globe will contest to see who is the best of the best. In addition to their awesome prizes FanUp will be awarding their top 4 players 2500 ($25), 2000 ($20), 1750 ($17.50) and 1500 ($15) FanBucks! So don't miss out on the action! Follow the link below to their offical rules.


Strong Man 2012


PART 2 - But that's not all, maybe you're not the strongest but the quickest shutter bug on the battle field, In that case you'll love part two of the event. After the competition is over head back to this page and show us your best screen shots and videos depicting what the event was like from your perspective. The top Strong Man Reporters will have a chance to win another pile of prizes.



1st 2000 FanBucks & their video/screen shot on our front page

2nd 1750 FanBucks

3rd 1500 FanBucks

4th 1000 FanBucks

5th 500 FanBucks

All winners will also receive a limited edition “War Rock Strong Man” shirt for their avatar.



 1.Obviously all screen shots and videos must belong to you, don't post someone else's work.

2. If we see any clues that you might be hacking in game your submission will be disqualified and your information will be passed on to the Devs at War Rock. So play fair

3. If you post a video on YouTube please be sure you have the contest title in the description at the very least. We will also be checking dates on the videos to be sure you didn't just rename older videos.

4. All Submissions must be entered by no later than midnight April 6th, that should give you plenty of time to work your video editing and photo magic.

5. You MUST have a registered FanUp account in order to submit entries and win prizes.

6. Once you register simply submit your entries to the screen shot or video section on this page.

Best of luck to everyone!

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