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Soldier Front

Soldier Front is a military first person shooter game that implements the task force strategy found in modern combat. Select your character, purchase your weapon and get set to gun down your enemies. Players may purchase Aeria Points to acquire all favorite weapons, armors, abilities, and special items like the Balaclava, Face Mask, Gas Mask, and really cool guns including automatic and semi-automatic guns, pistols and shotguns.

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    Cute M4 Alcad m4 DM4 Dpsg PPSG EPSG GPSG LPSG RPSG any thing just tell me...
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    i think this is good game ,.....................but i ask u what is so...
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    How to boost the speed of your computer to make it super fast, kindly tell...

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    My review on the Update:- Well this time Aeria Games have certainly given...
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