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Metin2 is a fantasy MMORPG with an eastern flair and dynamic battle system. Participate as one of four noble classes - Warrior, Shaman, Ninja, or Sura and battle other players for honor, glory, and the kingdom in a diverse PvP setting. Players may purchase Z8 Points to obtain special boots, services, hairstyles, enhancements, and more!

  • install Fans (0) Comment (0)
    where down the game and how to install on my computer? which the...
  • How many characters have the game? Fans (0) Comment (0)
    How many characters have the game for i pick one and the specfications of...
  • Why u like this game??? Fans (0) Comment (0)
    Give me a detail about this game..and how should i play???? what is...
  • Is this Game good? Fans (0) Comment (1)
  • horse Fans (0) Comment (0)
    what level do you need for a horse?
  • Metin Fans (0) Comment (0)
    The Metin2 is a good game??

  • GaMe ReViEw On MeNtIn 2 Fans (1) Comment (0)
    Hi guys this is idiot stunt and today I'll tell you about Metin 2. As far...
  • Skills Books ! metin2 Fans (2) Comment (2)
    Today I will talk about the books where there are skills how to use them...
  • Guide to shaman dragon Fans (2) Comment (1)
    Now I will give you the basic outline for creating a good dragon Shamana...
  • Event: My strategy to Metin 2 24h. Fans (1) Comment (0)
    Event: My strategy to Metin 2 24h. First buy the following cash items: -...
  • metin2 classes Fans (1) Comment (0)
    warriors Thanks to their skills, weapons and heavy armor, the Warriors...
  • Metin2 warrior Fans (1) Comment (1)
    Today I will explain how to create a Warrior Body that can be competitive...
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