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Holiday Hustle


Welcome to FanUp's Holiday Hustle

Screenshot & Caption contest.


The winners are in! See the screen shots and captions below.


Frosty? Is that you?

Ouch! My neck!


Chillin' with Santa Orc


Santa DOWN


Ziggs & Snowman



How it works?

Part 1. Screenshots - We're looking for the funniest, most festive, amazing, WTH moment or epic holiday screenshots from any of your favorite games. Post these images with a catchy title and description into the screenshots section below. Top 5 winners will win a bundle of FanBucks and their image will be added to the next round, the caption contest.

Part 2. Captions - Under the comments section for our winning screenshots you can post the most fitting, funny, random or thoughtful caption that you think works best for the image. The winners comments will be added to the screenshots in thought bubble or word bubble format making a great holiday keepsake you can share with all your friends and family. Also those winners will get to take home a pocket full of FanBucks and have their collaboration featured on the FanUp front page.
Part 2 - Caption Winners

1st - Advance
2nd - juriklon
3rd - RoachSpy
4th - mizz29
5th - fayr

Rules Rules Rules

1. Don't steal ideas!
2. Don't use images of real people (celebrities/politicians are ok :D)
3. Try and keep the curse words to a dull roar.
4. Don't be racist, nobody likes a bigot.
5. You may submit as many screenshot and caption entries as you like, but you can win only one prize.
6. Screenshot contest ends Dec. 28th
7. Caption Round begins Dec. 28th
8. Caption Contest Ends Jan. 14th
9. Submissions should be posted to this page in the screenshots section.
10. Captions will go in the comments section of the winning screenshots
11. FanUp staff will turn the image and caption into a comic and feature it on the front page!
12. Screenshots must be game related, you are welcome to spice up the image as much as you like by adding graphics, special effects etc.

Prizes(for parts 1 & 2)

1st - 2500 FanBucks
2nd - 2000 FanBucks
3rd - 1500 FanBucks
4th - 1000 FanBucks
5th - 500 FanBucks

Holiday Hustle

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