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Gaia Online

Gaia Online is a highly entertaining mass multiplayer virtual world where the player can make friends, watch movies at Gaia Cinemas and virtual theaters, and even play games. The environment of the site is electrifying and encourages the participants to exhibit their creativity. Gaia Online offers everything from contests for artists to forums that discuss various topics such as politics, poetry and about celebrities. Players can learn to customize profiles, cars, and digital characters and it is the ideal place for teens who want to have their own space and express their individuality. The Gaia meet-ups offer social get-togethers that are fun and full of entertainment. The player can find customizable avatars and profiles to express his ideas freely. The site offers free registration for all.

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    what is this?what is this?what is this?what is this?what is this?what is...
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    I joined this game back during Neopet days...never really got in to it...
  • lol como esse cara aqui do lado é feiolol como esse cara aqui do lado é...

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    Guide for beginners of Gaia Online. First of all Go to site, then Choose...

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