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Fiesta is an anime style 3D fantasy MMORPG that allows players to specialize in 4 different classes, marry other players, participate in wars, purchase an estate, and dictate the outcome of their characters. Players may purchase SparkCash for special items, clothes, boots, services, and more!

  • How many people play this? Fans (0) Comment (0)
    When I first joined, it was empty... How popular is it now? I see ads for...
  • mm Fans (0) Comment (3)
    One of the more popular features about Fiesta is the ability to work...
  • is fiesta better than mabinogi? Fans (1) Comment (2)
    which one is better fiesta or mabinogi?

  • Beginner's Guide Fans (1) Comment (0)
    ### Ultimate guide for Fiesta beginners ###...
  • Start Up Guide Fans (1) Comment (0)
    >>> Logging Into Fiesta: To log in and play Fiesta, you must...

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