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DarkFall - Unholy Wars

When you play Darkfall, you take part in a constantly evolving, world-spanning storyline. Your reputation will precede you and your fame will grow through clan victories and individual achievements. Whether you’re a fearless fighter, a respected leader, a persuasive politician, or a skilled artisan, you will get the recognition you deserve.

Enjoy the largest seamless, zone-less and non-instanced MMORPG world ever created. Explore five continents, countless small islands, trackless underwater depths, and a sprawling underworld. Hundreds of dungeons and adventure areas await. It takes many hours to simply travel from one end of the world to the other.

Every victory comes at a price! Engage in some of the bloodiest and fiercest battles where hundreds of warriors spill their blood to conquer the lands of Agon. Face the challenge and survive!

DarkFall Unholy Wars is a fast-paced, PvP MMORPG. Players are called to form clans and battle for dominance across the fantasy world of Agon. Discover the many features designed to help you learn of the world and adventure that awaits you!

The only game able to offer truly epic siege warfare and battles on a truly staggering scale. Build a naval fleet and face off against rival clans in hundreds strong sea battles or train your clan-members to fight as cavalry and descend upon your foes cities like a storm of steel and magic! Darkfall Unholy Wars offers the largest scale combat you will ever try to live through!

A deep and intricate crafting system allows you to truly immerse yourself in and customize the world you want to play in! Whether you craft unique designs into your weapons, raise wondrous city structures or infuse your armors with powerful magics, you will be able to forge a truly unique game experience!

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