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Guide To PvP On DC Universe Online!!


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DC Universe Online

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Guide To PvP On DC Universe Online!!

One of the most common questions about dc universe online is: "what is the best (A weapon) for this (Power B). This guide has been structured to resolve this doubt.
Each of the 10 Combat Styles provides bonuses to certain stat or probability of cure or critical damage. Some stats are important only for specific roles so this guide will provide you a list to choose your weapon wisely.

It 's important to remember that every 100 achievement points (Enterprise, see the submenu in the game) you can get 1 skill point up to a maximum of 80 points overall. This constant gain skill points will allow us to activate many more bonuses coming from the branches of different weapons.

In the near future has been planned by developer the ability to switch weapons in combat, so you can have a choice in how to approach the fight in specific situations.

The stat bonuses from the various branches of the weapons are Passive. These are added, however, any weapon should be equippata. For example if we take the crit bonus from the branches of 2h Weapon and Rifle we using these bonus also any other weapon.

The Short Answer

If you are a Controller (Gadgets / Mental): Choose Fisting, Double Arm, Hand or Power Stick for dominance. Choose Rifle, Double Gun, 1h or 2h Weapon Weapon for VITALITY '

If you are a Healer (Nature / Sorcery): Choose Weapon Double, Double Gun, Martial Arts for RESTORE. Choose 1 hour, or stick to hands Energy POSSIBILITY 'OF THE CRIT CARE.

If you are a Tank (Fire / Ice): Choose Punch, Shotgun, or 2h Hands Energy Weapon for HEALTH.
Select Arc or Stick for DEFENSE. If you are a Tank Fire and played with the self-heal see "Healer" above.

If you are a DPS (Any Power): Choose Martial Arts Weapon or 1h for POWER. Choose Gun Double, Double, Weapon or Fist Martial Arts for the RISE OF DAMAGE CRITICAL ATTACK ON.

If you are focusati PvP: Select Arc or Stick for STRENGTH. Select Arc or Martial Arts STEALTH RATING.

Which stats are important?

This is a brief summary on the role of each stat. For a detailed description entered in game, press the tab and go to the statistics.

Health is the green bar. Key stat for tanks.
Force is the blue bar. No one style of fighting bonus to Strength.
Power adds insult to your powers (the 6 skills quickbar). Fundamental to the DPS
Precision adds damage to your attacks with a weapon. Fundamental to the DPS.
Defense reduces damage taken by NPCs (mobs). Fundamental to the Tank.
Toughness reduces all damage taken by other players. Essential for anyone who wants to focus on PvP.
Dominance determines the duration of the rent as a stun or confusion. Fundamental to Controller and Tank.
Recovery increases the powers of healing. Fundamental to Healers and Tank Fire.
Vitality increases the recovery of the blue bar (Strength). Fundamental to the Controller.
Chance of critical hit, and increased critical damage are not listed in the statistics. Allow to increase the chances of critical hits and damage.
Possibility of increasing the effectiveness of critical care and critical care are not listed in the statistics. They allow you to expand opportunities and the effectiveness of critical care.
Stealth Rating increases the probability of not being seen using the Steath / Hide (Skill Gadgets / Mental / Nature Shapeshifting).

Bonus to Combat Styles.

Each fighting style to be linked to smaller bonus combos and bonuses more essential to the bottom branch.

Arc: +30 Defense & Strength, +60 Power, +3 Restore, +4 Vitality, +1% chance of Critical Damage, 2% Increased Critical Damage, 12% Increased Efficiency Critical Care, +3 Stealth Rating.
Fists: +18 Dominance, +3 Recovery, +70 Health, +1% chance of Critical Damage, +12% Increase Critical Damage, +3% chance of Critical Care, Critical Care +2% Increase Effectiveness.
Double Pistol: +70 Power, +45 Restoration, +15 Vitality, +14% Increase Critical Damage, +1% chance Critical Care.
Double Weapon: +18 Dominance, +60 Power, +48 Restoration, +4 Vitality, +1% Attack Critical Chance, +14% Increase Critical Damage.
Hands Energy: +18 Dominance, +70 Health, +60 Power, +3 Recovery, +2% Increased Critical Damage, +1% chance Critical Care, +12% Increase Critical Care Effectiveness.
Martial Arts: +25 Health, +70 Power, +45 Restoration, +14% Increase Critical Damage, +2% Increase Efficiency Critical Care, +3 Stealth Rating.
1h Weapon: +45 Health, +70 Power, +3 Recovery, +15 Vitality, +2% Damage Critical Chance, +14% Increase Critical Care Effectiveness.
Rifle: +70 Health, +10 Power, +19 Vitality, +3% Critical Chance Damage, +3% chance Critical Care, Critical Care +2% Increase Effectiveness.
Rod: +30 Defense & Strength, +18 Dominance, +25 Health, +10 Power, +4 Vitality, +3% Critical Chance Damage, +14% Increase Critical Care Effectiveness.
2h Weapon: +70 Health, +15 Vitality, +3% chance Critical Damage, +2% Increased Critical Damage, +4% chance Critical Care, Critical Care +2% Increase Effectiveness.

The Maximum Bonus
If you are trying to get all the bonuses on a single statistic that is your paragraph.
Below are each stat and their fighting styles to achieve the maximum bonus.

Health (up to +375): Fists, Hands Energy, Rifle, 2h Weapon (70 each); 1h Weapon (45), Martial Arts Club (25 each).
Defense & Strength (up to +60 for both): Bow, Staff (30 each).
Predominance (up to +72): Fisting, Double Arm, Hands and Energy Staff (18 each).
Power (up to +410): Double Gun, Martial Arts, 1h Weapon (70 each); Arch, Double Weapon, Energetic Hands (60 each) Stick, Rifle (10 each).
Recovery (up to +150): Double Arm (48), Double Gun, Martial Arts (45 each); Arc, Fists, Hands Energy, 1h Weapon (3 each).
Viability (up to +76): Rifle (19), Double Gun, Weapon 1h, 2h Weapon (15 each); Arch, Double Arm, Stick (4 each).
Damage Critical Chance (up to 14%): Rifle, Bastonem 2h Weapon (3% each); 1h Weapon (2%); Arc, Fists, Double Weapon (1% each).
Increase Critical Damage (up to 60%): Double Gun, Dual Weapon, Martial Arts (14% each); Fisting (12%), Arco, Hands Energy, 2h Weapon (2%).
Critical Care opportunity (up to 12%): 2h Weapon (4%), Fists, Rifle (3% each); Double Gun, Energetic Hands (1% each).
Increase Effectiveness Critical Care (up to 51%): 1h Weapon, Stick (14% each); Hands Energy (12%), Arco (3%); Fists, Martial Arts, Gun, 2h Weapon (2% each) .
Stealth Rating (up to +6): Arco, Martial Arts (3 each).

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