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... How professional Crossfire ...

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Cross Fire

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... How professional Crossfire ...

The deal any group I will explain to you some of the tips of the Ultimate Moataz and contempt => mezo-Prince
Subject index:
1. Introduction
2. professional HeadShot
3. professional knife
4-professionalism Sniper
5. explain a word (bis)
6-some tips Golden
1.Introduction /
A lot of us guys do not know the difficulties which hits the gun and all he does is estimated that it can not use weapons in the people's difficulties which means golden mask in the column and endorsed by M16

It comes in behind you and hits a precaution and difficulties which rarely kill you

Ok Why? Let's go today's deal will show you some tips you relinquish be helpful and professional steps
2. weapon and Head Shot
For example, most people do not know the answer I'll tell you the solution HeadShot

First need will buy a weapon or a gun AK47 Free Usp

Comes a couple of your friends and created a new character, and sit on his head many trains

1x2 will be trained on HeadShot

And day after day would have been the concentration on the head automatically

3.- the knife :

This will be a little difficult, but would be fun in training

Will come with your friends, such as the training of a new character will be established with your friends and Hishrah word training

These are late with a focus on the head, you just Stqfez and press right click
And North quietly and then, speeding up and you will find all the remains that descends kill him
Such Star_11

*** Note: the people you think about Hack Do not worry what keeps Ace in seconds

Because they will do Kick

................ And will explain to rest after an hour or more................

Mezo_elbrince posted at 2017-01-21 05:16:53

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