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How to stay alive agenst hackers in apb!


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How to stay alive agenst hackers in apb!

OKay this is for apb and apb only! When u are facing a hacker heres what you want to do!

1. use team speak or ventrilo or skype to talk to ur team mates. this way you know where the hacker is at all times if u can use good comms!

2. get in a clan that works as a team and not as a army of one, team work is key to the wins of a mission! who cares about k/d Ne more its all about the wins. thus being said do not site there and try to kill them while they have one guy going 4 the objective. cues by the time u get there it will b done.

3. always get onto high ground if possible. iv learned over the hours playing the the high ground kicks ass all the way around! Study the map to a t and you will know all the hot spots to camp and go defend and such!

4. learn how the enemy spawns! u want to be a good player and make hackers cry like a baby just learn the spawn points! but iv learned is where ever the leader is.. Is where they will b spawnning 9 timesoutta 10 and if u kill the whole team and ur in there spawn depending on where ur at they will spawn behind u closer to the objective!

5. Pick your gun and stick to it. use what gun you best with and roll with it. i use the n tec 2 slot and i kick ass with it or i use the nhv-r sniper rifle. and if u can get the 2 sloted shot gun.. that a hackers worse nightmare. lol i put improved riffling and cooling jacket. it kicks hackers asses.

6. if all else fails use a rocket launcher :)
but dont get me wrong i still get my ass kicked by hackers and now that its public this should b interesting but i pray g1 can get a upper hand on the hackers here soon! the best way iv found to pwn a hacker is though comms and team work! and a rocket launcher :))

Hope you can learn from this! this is my 1st guide ever so hope it helps!

deathpool posted at 2011-08-25 14:40:29

sorry if my spellin isnt the best! iv been texting 4 to long haha!
deathpool posted 8 years 32 weeks ago

sorry if my spellin isnt the best! iv been texting 4 to long haha!

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