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Halloween in San Paro


The winners ladies and gentlemen

1st - STeveRogersThe First Enforcer

2nd - Willow - Pumpkin Willow

3rd - bouncer - astronaft (astronaut lol?)

4th - archivolition - Darth Maul in APB

5th - idangank - CREEPER!


This was an extremely hard contest to judge we had so many great entries. thank you to everyone who entered, the contest was a huge success. Thanks again and have a happy Halloween!




Its that spooky time of year again and we're counting on the streets of San Paro being extra scary this month.

FanUp and APB Reloaded bring you "Halloween in San Paro" a costume and design contest.


We want to see the best Halloween costumes and designs you have in your arsenal. So dress up like Michel Jackson and ram raid a toy store! But don't forget to snap a screenshot or video so you can earn some FanBucks wile you're at it.

How to Play

Simple, download APB Reloaded for free

 APB Reloaded small

create your criminal or enforcer, start designing.

take a screenshot or video of your masterpiece and post it to this page.



1. Submissions must belong to you, period. Not your friends, brothers, sisters, uncles just yours.

2. You may only win one prize, sorry no double dipping kid. However you may submit as many images as you like, but if it looks spammy... so help me..

3. Contest starts today October 17th and ends on October 31st.

4. Entries will be judges on: number of fans, quality of costume design, humor, cleverness, teamwork etc.




1st Place: 2500 FanBucks ($25)

2nd Place: 2000 FanBucks ($20)

3rd Place: 1500 FanBucks ($15)

4th Place: 1000 FanBucks ($10)

5th Place 500 FanBucks ($5)


FanBucks can be used to purchase G1 Credits from out marketplace. HERE

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