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Angry Birds Golden Stars guide


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Angry Birds

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Angry Birds Golden Stars guide

Stars #1 until 5: Five of the eggs which I've shown you in last post contain levels, just smash everything to clear the levels to gain the stars.

Star #6: The middle golden egg contains a soundboard with all the different items, in order, press: group of pigs, group of birds, catapult, any bird, any block, and lastly any pig.

Star #7: The bottom middle golden egg also contains a soundboard with all the background music, press: any two of the radio buttons at the same time.

Star #8: The bottom left golden egg contains a picture of a big green-yellow nose, cover both the noseholes to gain the star.

Star #9: The middle right golden egg also contains a picture but of a large beak, separate the beak to gain the star.
Where to find and collect Stars 10-14 in Angry Birds

Star #10: Shoot the red bird in the middle row and while it is knocking down the blocks, shoot the yellow bird over the top to the explosive boxes. The idea here is to destroy the wooden block covering the balloons, so that the stone ball can go through to the balloons rather than getting stuck on the wooden block. There may be other ways to get this star as well.

Star #11: You can either try getting all of them with your yellow birds, or there’s a bar of explosives holding stone blocks above the screen for you to aim and shoot at!

Star #12: On the soundboard, the sequence you press on the birds in is: Blue Bird, Red Bird, the second Black Bird, Blue Bird, and lastly the Green Bird.

Star #13: Smash everything, as per usual. A tip is to hit the wooden block above the pigs, doing so will have them drop onto the explosives on the ground.

Star #14: Aim your bird at the bottom of the top floor, of the most-left building, to topple it against the other two buildings with pigs. They should all fall in one go like dominoes.

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nice guide
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nice guide

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