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Angry birds Golden egg guide


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Angry Birds

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Angry birds Golden egg guide

Golden Egg #1: Let the credits scroll, you’ll find a Golden Egg at the conclusion.

Golden Egg #2: Tap on the Sun in the background after clicking “Play”.

Golden Egg #3: While on any level, click “II” followed by the Question Mark. Now play the picture of the White Birds.

Golden Egg #4: Get all of the Stars for Theme’s 1, 2 and 3. Alternatively, you can beat your previous high score in each theme to find the Golden Egg.

Golden Egg #5: Earn all three Stars on Themes 4 and 5. Alternatively, beat a high score on Themes 4 and 5.

Golden Egg #6: Click on the Treasure Chest underneath the building on level 1-8.

Golden Egg #7: On level 2-2, find the Beachball and smash it.

Golden Egg #8: In level 4-7, first zoom out. You’ll notice a yellow bird in the top right corner that gives you this Golden Egg.

Golden Egg #9: In level 5-19, first Zoom Out. You’ll find it above the rocket, it’s outside your viewing area but you’ll see it when the screen scrolls up a bit. Use a Yellow Bird or drop a bomb with a White Bird in order to make the carcass’ fly up. Either of these methods can net you this Golden Egg.

Golden Egg #10: In level 6-14, you’ll see a yellow balloon underneath a treehouse on the right side. Use a new bird and a Boomerang to hit the balloon and score this Golden Egg.

Golden Egg #11: To the right of the “Coming Soon” screen, the eighth theme, you can find the Golden Egg by sliding the page to the left. The Golden Egg will be on your right.

Golden Egg #12: You get this new egg by getting 3 stars on Themes 6, 7 and 8 (Episode 3, Danger Above).

Golden Egg #13: This egg is found on Levels 8-15 in the left hand bottom corner, where you have to get a bird past the boxes to hit the golden egg.

Golden Egg #14: Go to Levels 9-14 and zoom out, it’s in the right hand bottom corner. Fling a bird towards it to grab it.

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