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Alliance of Valiant Arms (AVA)

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should i get fn f2000

12 yars old email if you have the f2000 please tell me if it is good or bad
maldozo22 posted 7 years 32 weeks ago

thunder7567 posted at 2011-10-08 15:41:05


  • Raytiger3 said:

    Well its okay, it is a good no-recoil weapon; definitely a recommoned weapon for starters, but you will get hated because its no recoil so try to avoid, MK.3's, SG556 and FN F2000, some capsules are okay but watch out for kickers and haters!


    7 years 31 weeks
    1 Votes
  • rocklee said:

    No..normally Fb will be 1500,1000,500...but some time in event u can earn more fan you need to make lots of guides for it..

    5 years 31 weeks
    0 Votes
  • joinron said:

    You better go with a MK3 if you want a no-recoil gun. Avoid no-recoil guns bdw, you will be hated xD

    7 years 8 weeks
    0 Votes
  • FN-f2000 is an ok gun not the best gun but basicly like the the Sg556. It has no recoil and its meant for range combat. Get the Fn-f2000 its a good gun

    7 years 18 weeks
    0 Votes
  • bonsly said:

    no m4a1 mk3 all the way faster/no mods/buit in scope and higher dps fnf2k is only good for long range and ava has only small maps (long range only occurs in a few escort spots)

    7 years 29 weeks
    0 Votes

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