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What are Reward points and how they work


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Alliance of Valiant Arms (AVA)

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What are Reward points and how they work

Hi AVA players! I'm here for tell you what are the ''Reward points'' and how they work.

Reward points is the currency that ijji give you for thank you for buy many Gcoins from them. Infact you can earn them only when you hit a certain amount of total Gcoins bought and with these you can earn free Gcoins.

It's very simple! Buy a total of 300 Gcoins (excluding Gcoins form offers and surveys) and you will earn 300 RP. You can earn them only 300-by-300. You can earn them by the Epin too so you can earn RP also by fanup ;)
When you earn many RP ijji allow you to partecipate to exclusive contests and sweeptakes! AWESOME!
NOTE: The total amount of Gcoins you bought will be resetted every month so if you need 1 more Gcoin for get your 300 RP and the month expired... Sorry it's too late :d

You can trade 1000 RP for 100 Gcoins. For trade Reward Points with Gcoins follow this steps:

1. Login to ijji and go to the billing page;
2. Go to ''ijji Reward Points'';
3. Click on ''my reward points'';
4.The first time you do that you have to login again for verify your account;
5. Now can see your total amount of Reward points and down that the panel that allow you to trade you RP for Gcoins (NOTE: you need at least 1000 RP for be able to trade them with 100 Gcoins);
6. Select the amount of RP to trade and then click on ''Redeem Reward points for Gcoins'';
7. That's it! You succesfully traded your RP for Gcoins.

You can also check your Reward point history down to the trading panel.

That's all that i have to tell AVA players! See you the next time! For more info follow this link:
I hope this little guide helped a lot!
Best regards, ultrascati95

ultrascati95 posted at 2011-12-30 17:41:56

I did not know that there was a stuff called Reward Points in A.V.A
avaprovs454 posted 8 years 19 weeks ago

I did not know that there was a stuff called Reward Points in A.V.A

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