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Ultimate SR-3M Review!


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Alliance of Valiant Arms (AVA)

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Ultimate SR-3M Review!


Damage: 38

Range: 18

Accuracy: 42

Stability: 32

Mobility: 85

ROF (Rate of Fire): 72

Ammo: 30

The SR-3M can be obtained from the normal weapon shop as a Staff Sergeant 1 for 55,000 euros. Although expensive, it is one of my favorite point man guns because of its damage, range, and stability.


SR-3M’s Damage:

The SR-3M’s damage is one of its main attractions because it is one of the highest of the point man guns. It is very high compared to other PM guns such as the MP7 and Veresk. The damage makes up for the average ROF and makes for a lethal weapon.


SR-3M’s Range:

Although the stats state that the SR-3M has 18 range, meaning it is very bad medium/long range, it is not true. The SR-3M is actually average at long range because of low bloom and stability. It cannot be used well beyond ~15m but is fine otherwise. In close range it is a deadly weapon and kills within a couple of shots.


SR-3M Accuracy:

The SR-3M’s accuracy is about the same as other guns and is easy to use because of the guns low recoil. The bullet pattern is center oriented and isn’t hard to control. Because of its low bloom compared to other PM guns, it’s easy to aim for the head.


SR-3M Stability:

The SR-3M’s stability is also a main factor of the gun because it has low recoil. Compared to other guns such as the Veresk, It has a lot less recoil making it easier to control. Recoil test images below. All spraying.