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Ultimate Clan War Guide


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Alliance of Valiant Arms (AVA)

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Ultimate Clan War Guide

Ultimate Clan War Guide

Hey guys!I have a Clan War guide for you today!

Firstly, thanks for IJJI cause of removing Showdown, Supply and Hellhound from HOT Demolition, because those maps aren't competitive.

!!! Use a program, where you guys can talk with each other !!!

NRF Tactics:

If you are with NRF, make sure you defending both site 1, middle, and 2.

For example, on Black Scent, two guys at 1, one at mid, and two at 2.
Mid is important, because if no one there, then they can rush you from there and kill you from behind.
Don't stay on spots, what you know they can throw!
Look at the map, and try to calculate, where they can push into the site, so you won't be killed from behind.

There are maps like India, where it isn't important to have two guys at site 2.Think about it; if they going to 2, the only guy who are defending (must be Sniper !!!), can make 3-4 shots before dying.He makes a shot; then go back, shot, then go out from site 2 until the door, then make a shot.If he don't misses, then your opponents are wrecked.However, it is important to have three defenders at 1, because they can rush in, and 2 defenders can't stop 5 rushers lol.

You can throw spots to stop rushes, so I recommend to learn some.There are a lot of videos on YouTube about them, just some:

Never make a site empty, always defend both! -except only one of you is still alive-

EU tactics:

It is an advantage to have 5 people, on like 2 or 3 (because they must defend both sites and mid).
Nevertheless, I don't prefer to rush with 5 people into a site.They can kill you with grenades, or just simply get flashed, and they kills you easily.If they have a good teamwork, then they can even bait you.So I prefer to try grenade spots, maybe you'll get a kill, and try to go to both sites.You have two minutes and a half, so it isn't important to rush!If you're rich, you even can buy smokes, they are useful.For example, you going to go to site 2 in Black Scent.You are in the building near 2, where is the bridge.You throw smokes to the left, so the scopes, or rifles who want to kill you from there, can't.So you can rush to the right, and the bridge.
Grenade Spots are still useful, learn some!

Example strategy:
One of you rushes near to site 1, four of you go near the site 2, without maing any sound.Your teammate on site 1 spams grenades, smokes, etc., so your opponents thinks that you are coming to site 1, so they go to site 1, to defend it more.Then you rush into 2.The rest is up to you:)

I don't recommend for scopes to see behind, because if they miss the shot, then you guys got wrecked.

Guns, what I recommend:
Point Mans (PM): Veresk of course, MP7A1, and Death Modus until it isn't nerfed.
Rifle Mans (RM): M4A1 MK.3, and Para of course
Scopes: FR-F2, TPG-1, or PGM.338

Helmet: EH08.It can tank a Para headshot from like 10-15metres.For scopes, don't take helmet, it is just a waste of euros!
Kevlar: If you going to rush, and you know they are going to rush there too with PMs, then I prefer AA07.For anything else, I prefer EA08, or Lrg-Caliber!
Camouflage: Not important
Gloves: EG08, cause it helps in moveshot.
Boots: Not important.

Don't forget, 09 is better than everything what I mentioned.These are just for Euros.

Good to know:
I think you know that, but I heard someone who figured that out at Lieutenant rank lol, so when you throw a grenade, opponents are saying something, like "ENEMY GRENADE !!", or "GRANADA PRACHIWNIKA !!" or something like that.So you can check a room, if there is anyone if you throw there a grenade.

Wallbangs can be useful too.
Guns you can wallbang with:
- Veresk
- Para
- M14
- TPG*
- PGM*
*= More wallbanging spots.(Like India walls)

Overall TIPs:

Never have more than two scopes in a team.

Don't be on the same spots where you were before.

Good Luck for You!

namelessHU posted at 2012-02-12 08:14:12

Nice guide! Thank you nemeless as i will be in a clan very soon. btw in which server you play? Europe, West America or East America?
ultrascati95 posted 8 years 21 weeks ago
skyp,ts3 for noob NobbChicken tactic FTW!Publik stayl!;))
R4k3t4 posted 8 years 21 weeks ago

Nice guide! Thank you nemeless as i will be in a clan very soon. btw in which server you play? Europe, West America or East America?

skyp,ts3 for noob NobbChicken tactic FTW!Publik stayl!;))

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