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Trolling in AVA


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Alliance of Valiant Arms (AVA)

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Trolling in AVA

My favorite part of the game!
Trolling includes:
-Using overpowered guns
-Knifing people
This guide is pure to know how2troll!
Awesome overpowered guns: Shotguns(When used right, it’s awesome in cqc), M4A1 MK.3, M4A1 Tiger, Sidewinder, FN F2000, SG556 and M4A1 Carpio just because they’re anti-recoil. They will rage about these guns XD
Tactics to knife!
Be pointman, that’s the basic rule to troll with knife… If you’re not pointman you risk being slow and tanked since pointman is the only class with extra knife damage. Rush to the enemy base and flank them, when in pvp channel use shift + normal walk to be silent since there are soundfreaks there. Come close enough and kill them, or even if trolling harder versus soundfreaks: rapidly push “N” because turning on night vision gives a lot of sound and when they turn, BAM to dah face. Make sure when trolling using a good knife that has a high chance to ohko (one hit K.O.) enemies, if you’re tanked, you’re basically screwed.
Try to find some Youtube vids and asking clans for awesome glitches, ex. Binocular Glitches they’re awesome to get you in places where 90% of the players won’t look, you can easily use knife/rifle from behind to kill them.
Make sure if you block it’s a place where no-one can go through or must walk very much to get there, it’s pretty funny! I know one awesome block spot on a demolition map that always works: Showdown, when being EU (Team with the C4/Attack) rush to the underground’s elevators and jump on it with as much people as you can, when almost reaching the other side, jump off and stand on the stairs, no-one can go through! I hate this map, but love when I am EU for that :D!
Note: When playing in PVP watch out for kickers, make sure when they say F5 or Kick this blocker to move your bottom out of there, otherwise your troll-action failed :(
This is the best to do with a shotgun in 1-5/1-10 channel. Make a room with the name “Join” or “No AFK host” they will join the fastest, be sure that you allowed teamkilling and have 10 players maximum and 5 rounds tournament rules otherwise you WILL fail. Wait 5 seconds until the invisibility is gone and you can hit them, aim for the head and preferably low distance since you’re a shotgunner, kill them as fast as you can to prevent other rebels trying to teamkill you. The next round say: “Sorry, I won’t do that again, really sorry. PS if you revenge me you get kick, I am the Host.” They won’t kill you, if they do kill them back they probably don’t know about the 5 seconds and they will reload while you kill them with your shotgun, if they won’t: do it again and the next round hide in a spot and use your mini-radar to be aware of where they are and kill them. The next 2-7 rounds are repeating this step!
Note: When being last survivor, try to clutch and brag with it ^^
Thanks for reading(Also read my other guides to make you even a better troller!),

Raytiger3 posted at 2011-11-06 08:36:14

you forgot using troll wepons like the galil sniper
bonsly posted 9 years 49 weeks ago

you forgot using troll wepons like the galil sniper

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