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Trainer772's Guide to Armor and Items


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Alliance of Valiant Arms (AVA)

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Trainer772's Guide to Armor and Items

Guide to Armor and Items 

Table of Contents
Types of Armor and Items 
Chest Armor 
Other Armor and Items 
Some advice on armor 
Class-related Armor 
Guns with High Penetration 
Damage multipliers 


Armor is a crucial part of a serious gamer’s career - it can stop a TPG shot or keep the Ppsh from killing you long enough for you to return fire. Though many consider it to be a waste of money and do not use it often, it still plays a role where survival counts - namely, demolition, clan wars, and tournaments. Additional items, while they may be expensive, may also enhance a player's performance and give him the edge over his opponents on the battlefield. 

Types of Armor and Items 

Supply Vest / Standard Kevlar 
Large caliber armor / EA08 
Anti-charge armor / AA07 

Default helmet 
Large caliber helmet / EH08 (?) 
Anti-charge helmet / AH07 (?) 

DU50724 (anti-flash goggles) 
CU686 (hit marker goggles) 
Ghostgear Supply Kit 
Camouflage A1 

Kevlar defense +5% / Kevlar defense +5 
Mobility +2% 
Grenade slots 
Radar +20% 
Helmet defense +10% 
Infection backpack items 

Surprise Attack Field Manual / Silencer Field Manual / Adv. Movement Field Manual 
Magazine Field Manual / Throw Field Manual / Throw Field Manual II 
Advanced SR Field Manual / Advanced SR Field Manual II / Advanced SR Field Manual III 

Chest Armor 

Refer to this post for armor values 

Supply Vest (aka Standard Kevlar) is a weak middle ground between defence against damage and ROF. It is a free item that comes with approximately every other supply case. When a user is hit with a bullet, the armor will absorb a percentage of the damage and its defense rating (the armor bar) will go down and the health bar will absorb the rest. A high-ROF gun will rapidly take down the armor and make it ineffective, while a high-damage gun will make quick kills without having a lot of damage absorbed by the armor. It usually wears out in 2 or 3 shots, depending on the gun. Nevertheless, it is much better than no armor at all. 

Large-Caliber armor behaves like an add-on to your health. Once the armor is depleted, health will start going down with no armor to soften additional blows. This armor is ideal for snipers and riflemen who often face high-damage bullets since it allows them to tank high-caliber weapons. When attacked with a high-ROF gun, the armor will absorb multiple hits but will be completely depleted easily, leaving the user unprotected against additional shots. It is a good value for its price and is used a lot for its all-around practicality. 

EA08 armor is simply an advanced version of the Large Caliber. It wears out faster than Large Caliber armor, absorbing 33% more damage points. It is renown for tanking sniper shots at an alarmingly high rate, but it appears to have a negligible advantage over the Large Caliber when fighting rifles. It is obtainable when you purchase a capsule from the capsule shop; therefore, it is regarded as very expensive and impractical. It is the best armor to wear against snipers and high-penetration weapons. 

Anti-charge armor is a long-lasting but weak defense. It absorbs a proportion of a weak bullet’s damage and is less absorbent against high-damage or high-penetration weapons. Its defense rating degrades very slowly, allowing it to perform very well even after multiple hits. There is often 30% or more of the armor left when a player has died. Therefore, this armor is best used against low-damage high-ROF guns or shotguns. It is extremely weak against high-caliber rounds or submachineguns with penetration. 

AA07 is an advanced version of the Anti-charge armor, with approximately 20% better absorption. It is available at the shop for a higher price. 

SA09 is considered to be the most OP'd armor available. One may consider it to be like wearing two AA07s. It is devastatingly absorbent and effective against all low-penetration guns. It must be countered with high-penetration guns like the Para, TPG, and Veresk. It has extremely low absorbency against sniper rifles and is not recommended in sniper-only matches; even a Large-caliber armor will absorb better against snipers. 

Summary of chest armor: 

Large-caliber and EA08 act as a shield. They will absorb 100% of damage for as long as they last, but when they run out, you are left unarmored. They are best used against high-damage or high-penetration guns. 

Anti-charge and AA07 act as a damage divider. Every shot that hits you loses a small percentage of its damage; this effect is greatest on weak bullets. The armor degrades very slowly so it stays effective for long. They are best used against low-damage high-rof guns or shotguns. 

SA09 has a high defense rating but is inefficient against high-penetration or high-damage weapons like Veresk, Para, and all sniper rifles. 

Other Armor and Items 


Default helmet is the free helmet that everyone has. If you chose not to equip a helmet, this will automatically be equipped. It serves as basic defense; it will absorb some of the damage from one or two weak hits before flying off the user's head. Most people are content with this helmet. It blocks approximately 3 points of damage, so any bullet that strikes the head with at least 28 damage upon impact will result in a one-hit headshot. 

Large-caliber helmet is the optimal choice for many. It can deflect high-damage bullets. It will fall off in 1 or 2 hits, depending on the damage. It is most effective against extreme guns like the M14, SA58, and other high-damage weapons. It is ineffective against sniper rifles. It can absorb approximately ~25-30 damage of one shot. 

EH08 is simply an advanced version of the large-caliber helmet. It can deflect bigger bullets and absorb more damage before flying off. 

Anti-charge helmet is a specialized CQC helmet. It is capable of repeatedly deflecting many weak bullets from pointman-type guns. It is long-lasting and will not fall off. 

AH07 is simply a better version of the anti-charge helmet. It can absorb roughly 5 or less damage per shot. 

SH09 is the most OP'd helmet. It can tank multiple shots, especially from small-caliber weapons. It will block a percentage and a base damage of a shot, allowing it to tank as much as 70 damage from a revolver. 

Other Armor: 

EG08 give +1 Lucky shot chance and increased moveshot accuracy. This is beneficial for people who use relatively accurate guns like M4MK3, AKMK3, and XM8. It also helps with SMGs and other rush weapons. However, it is pretty expensive. 

EB08 are very controversial. While they grant people +20% shiftwalk speed and defense against high drops as well as a +1% lucky shot bonus, pointmen will experience increased bloom as they fire and strafe. 

EP08 provides a +2% lucky shot bonus. 

SG09 provide an excellent moveshot accuracy boost as well a +17% increase in draw speed for faster sniper rifle ROFs. It appears to give a slight stability boost as well, making it easier for novices to learn to use guns like the Veresk or the Para. In addition, it gives you a perk in annihilation that allows you to keep your dogtags after dying. It also boosts your melee damage so much that normal bats end up OHKing extremely frequently. This is better than the EG08 by far and this is my most recommended SX09 armor. 

SB09 boosts your shiftwalking speed by 30%. They also absorb fall damage. 

SP09 drastically decreases your moveshot accuracy. 

MG12 give additional melee damage. 

CB105 are boots that decrease fall damage. 

DU50724 goggles are pretty useless. They can only prevent flashes when the MK3A2 or flash grenade is behind the user. They cannot block out flashes from the front. 

CU686 goggles are given to every trainee and will expire. These goggles are very helpful to snipers and pointmen alike, since they will indicate a hit with a purple dot and a kill with a number. Therefore, people use these in all sorts of situations like fighting in the dark or wallbanging. On a side note, some beginning players may wonder why the purple dots stop appearing after levelling up several times; this is because your goggles have expired and need to be repurchased. 

Ghostgear supply kit provide a small boost for all the classes to supplement their weak parts. PM, who wear light armor, get a small hp. RM get a radar range boost. Snipers, who are slow, get a +2% mobility boost. 

Camouflage A1 does not have an apparent function. 

SD09 greatly increase your protection against grenade explosions. 

Backpack items: 

Kevlar defense +5% is no longer available in shop. 

+Ammo is a handy item for people who go on extensive kill streaks. The primary ammo +1 or +2 items often helps snipers who survive for a long period of time while firing off many bullets. It also helps pointmen and riflemen with ammo-guzzling weapons like the Kriss, Veresk, or M4. It is not necessary in short-length games like demo but will help a lot in FFA or escort. The secondary ammo item is generally useless. 

Mobility +2% no longer appears to give its mobility boost. 

Grenade slots are no longer sold since the 3-grenade update. 

Radar +20% will make the HUD radar zoom out by 1.2x zoom. It is generally considered to be useless since a player may hold Tab to view the whole map. 

Helmet Defense +10% is no longer sold in shop. 

Infection backpack items. Self explanatory. 

BP Class Skills 

Surprise Attack Field Manual increases damage inflicted to an enemy's back by 8% when you are a pointman. 

Silencer Field Manual allows you to instantly attach a silencer on an SMG that has a silencer option. 

Adv. Movement Field Manual decreases pointmen footstep noise by a small percent. 

Magazine Field Manual gives +1 bullet in your rifle. 

Throw Field Manual allows you to draw your rifle faster after throwing a grenade. 

Throw Field Manual II gives you 2 smoke grenades per smoke grenade equipped when playing as rifleman. For example, equipping a grey and red smoke grenade will give you 4 smoke grenades in total: 2 grey and 2 red. 

Advanced SR Field Manual allows you to sprint after zooming in. It does not allow you to sprint while aiming down the sights. 

Advanced SR Field Manual II will give you hipfire crosshairs for your sniper rifle. Extremely handy since they turn red when you hit someone so you know if you tagged an enemy or not. Hipfire accuracy is low and not recommended. 

Advanced SR Field Manual III will give perfect accuracy and perfect moveshot accuracy for all sniper rifles that do not have full bars of instability while moving. DSR, Mosin, MSG90, Galil, VSS, SV98, SR25, HK417, Blaser, IMI99SR, WA2000, AWM, and Dragonuv will all gain perfect moveshot and standshot accuracy. In addition, scope sway will not affect accuracy for these guns - the bullet will hit the direct center of the screen regardless of where the crosshairs are swaying. 

Some advice on armor 

Many novices wonder which chest armor should you use - anti-charge type armor or large-caliber type armor? My recommendation is that if you are strictly pointmen, the anti-charge armor would be the best option. If you are a rifleman but you tend to fight CQC and go against pointmen, AA07 is a risky but profitable option. Riflemen who fight long-range against higher-damage guns should use large-caliber armor to counter high-range high-damage weaponry. Snipers should always wear large-caliber armor since they are often attacked by riflemen or other snipers. If you are undecided, it is best to wear the large-caliber armor since it is very good all-around and 100% effective. 

Interestingly enough, penetration guns like the Veresk and MP7 are weaker vs large-cal than anti-charge, while shotguns are weaker vs anti-charge. 

Other people may chose to use the 6 shot cutline. If a user is bombarded with guns that kill in 5 hits or fewer, the large-caliber armor is best. If they are bombarded with guns that kill in 6 hits or more, the anti-charge armor may be more practical. 

Though helmets may be helpful, I personally do not use them and can get along fine, albeit with a slightly higher death rate from headshots. I find that there is no match where I get killed so many times by headshots that I regret not equipping one. The default helmet is still a great option, since it deflects a few bullets. However, if you have an excessive amount of euros to spend, the large-caliber helmet is simply the best. This is because you rarely get struck in the head consecutive times by weak guns. In addition, only low-rof high-damage guns are ideal for headshots, and the large-caliber can stop these types of guns. 

Later on, as the first few pieces of gear (Large cal, Anti Charge, EG08, CU686) given to beginners wear away, most people wonder if they should repurchase the items. Considering the staggering cost of these items as well as the slow income accumulated from the Supply points system, it would be unprofitable to use any equipment outside of the default helmet and supply vests. 

Class-related Armor 

Riflemen have slightly higher hp (+5%) and increased helmet absorption. 

Snipers have a disadvantage in the field of armor that many accurate users exploit. While most snipers’ chests are heavily fortified by heavy armor, snipers do not wear helmets. Therefore, they can be shot at the head with no armor to reliably deflect the shot. Some players wear soccer helmets or berets, since they are the only helmets that a sniper can wear. 

Pointmen have average armor. 

Damage multipliers 

From tests. 
Head: 400% 
Stomach or lower back: 150% 
Chest or upper back: 125% 
Arm: 100% 
Leg: 70% 

Guns with High Penetration 

To learn more about the penetration stat and how it applies to armor, click here for my guide to penetration. 

PP2000*** (only with penetration mod) 
Groza*** (not released yet) 
SA58*** (using Spetz barrel will drop penetration to 1 star) 
Knight SR25** 
These guns have high penetration, meaning armor hardly affects their damage. Therefore, these guns are useful in armor-intensive games like demolition. The best way to counter high-penetration guns is to use large-caliber type armor, not anti-charge armor.


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