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TPG1 Review!


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Alliance of Valiant Arms (AVA)

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TPG1 Review!


Damage: 100

Range: 95

Accuracy: 95

Stability: 10

Mobility: 12       

ROF (Rate of Fire): 5

Ammo: 5 (6 with magazine upgrades)

The TPG can be obtained from the normal weapon shop as a Staff Sergeant 3 for 46,000 euros. Although it has a very slow scope, it is very powerful and has a high OHK rate.


TPG’s Damage:

The SR-3M’s damage is very good and rarely tags; it is one of the main features of the gun. Combined with the .338 Lapua Barrel, it almost never tags at all, even when you shoot someone’s foot.


TPG’s Range:

The TPG also has extremely good range; it is very good on long distance maps such as Gallery and Hellhound. You can double scope to increase the zoom.


TPG’s Accuracy:

The TPG’s accuracy is about average but is sometimes hard to use because of the slow scope. It is about average when trying to do move shots. You should never try to do trick shots with the TPG because it has a very, very slow scope and low stability.


TPG’s Stability:

The TPG has mediocre stability. Sometimes you can pull off a move shot, other times you can’t. If you add a barrel on, the stability also decreases but damage increases.


TPG’s Mobility and ROF:

The TPG has normal mobility like other sniper rifles. When you run, you should always switch to a pistol until the TPG is needed. The ROF is good but there is no point of quick switching because the re-scope is about the same speed.


Comparison to other sniper rifles:

Compared to other point man guns, the TPG is good for newbies. It is easy to use for beginners and has a low tag rate that can be even lower by adding a barrel. It is inexpensive and also requires a low rank. It can also be used in tournaments when certain guns are limited. It is not popular in sniper no semi because it has a slow scope, but some people use it because of its OHK rate.


Scope speed:

The scope speed is one of the main disadvantages of the TPG. Its scope is extremely slow, if not the slowest of all the sniper rifles. Its quick switch is also slow too and there is no point of really quick switching because it is the same speed as a normal re-scope.


Popular Mods:

High Powered Scope-changes the scope-2 scopes and closer crosshairs, increases range

.338 Lapua Barrel-increases damage-increases damage but lowers stability


Overall review:

Overall, I would highly recommend the TPG for new players because it usually never tags and has average accuracy.  Although it has a slow scope, it can be used for watching flanks, and camping. I would rate it a 7/10 overall.


Extra Video/Gameplay:

“TPG Gamepray By SnowShovel [Gentlemen PUG]” 

 Video/Gameplay by SnowShovel


AVA Ingame Weapon Description:

A Russian made SMG with high penetration using 9mm x 21 bullets. It is compact, light, and reliable. Designed as an anti-terrorist weapon, this SMG provides intense firepower at close range.


I hope you enjoyed my guide on the TPG1! Don’t forget to fan if you like it! :D



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