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TPG-1 Review


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Alliance of Valiant Arms (AVA)

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TPG-1 Review

Hello, Samuelrock00 here and I will be making a review guide about the TPG-1 which is a common used sniper. If you do like it please fan it up and check out my other guides!


Weapon Stats:

Damage- The damage is 100 which means its tag rate is low.

Range- The range is 95 which means it can go scope farther than other snipers.

Accuracy- The accuracy is 95 which is good to strike enemies down.

Stability- The stability is 10 which is pretty decent.

Mobility- The mobility is 12 which is pretty decent.

Rate of fire- The rate of fire is 5 which is kind of decent.



I would recommend the basic scope is already has or if your preference for more range get the High powered scope. Also you need the damage barrel which gives you +10 and the barrel is called .338.



TPG-1 a bolt action sniper rifle which is designed by the Alphine AG of Austria. TPG-1 a powerful version 1 of the PGM.338. TPG-1 has good pros, but we will be talking about that later but anyways TPG-1 does not tag alot which is a great pro for sniping but the downer is slow cocking. TPG-1 is used a lot and is not a new gun, but a very powerful gun and very cheap (48,000Euros). The TPG-1 can also jump shot which is needed in some situations. TPG-1 is a very nice gun to start with and I would recommend it to all new beginner's in sniping.


Pros and Cons:



1. Damage

2. Range

3. Mobility

4. Accuracy

5. Stability



1. Rate of fire

2. Ammo

3. Weight


Here is a video for you guys about the TPG-1:


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Good day to you all and thank you for your time.

~ Samuelrock00

samuelrock00 posted at 2012-08-10 01:14:02

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