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**Tiered Spender/Loyalty Program Guide**


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Alliance of Valiant Arms (AVA)

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**Tiered Spender/Loyalty Program Guide**

The Tiered Spender (Loyalty Program).

You’ve probably heard of it, but do you know how it works?

Well, whether you’re completely confused, or just fancy refreshing your memory, it’s time to learn how this fantastic system helps you to get the most out of A.V.A.

The Tiered Spender is the ultimate loyalty reward system. To put it simply; we reward you for the purchases you make. This means that the more you spend on A.V.A the more we want to thank you, and we do that by giving you awesome items!

Read on and find out how you can take part in what is heralded as the most rewarding event of the game you love:

1) Have you got AP?

To begin Tiered Spender you must be an AP spender. You can purchase AP nowhere!

Once you have some AP you can begin spending your AP in any of the Item Malloutlets, such as The Loot WheelThe Loot ForgeBoostersClan Item andEquipment. Also, don’t forget the Shop and the Capsule Shop which can both be found in game. There’s an extraordinary amount of weapons and items that’d make even the seasoned veteran drool, so what are you waiting for?

2) Tiered Spender (What/When/Where)?

• The Tiered Spender doesn’t run forever, that’s because The Tiered Spender is a special event that we run for a set period of time. Keeping an eye on the website will mean you don’t miss out, because with the incredible rewards of the Tiered Spender you wouldn’t want to miss it!

• When the Tiered Spender launches we’ll notify the community via the news, forums and the game launcher. From the day it begins you have become a Tiered Spender and any AP you spend will be logged with the Tiered Spender.

• To find the Tier Spender simply click on the Item Mall drop down menu and select ‘Tiered Spender’

3) Track Your Spending

One of the many great aspects of The Tiered Spender is that it will track your spending for you automatically. It will display how much AP you’ve spent (1) and allow you to keep track of how much more AP you need to spend in order to unlock a Tier.

4) Tier Progress

As you continue to purchase the fantastic head popping weaponry that you’ve come to expect from A.V.A the Tiered Spender bar will fill (2). As you can see the bar is currently blue. It will stay blue until you reach the end of that Tier and unlock it.

5) Unlocking A Tier

It’s finally come, the moment you’ve been waiting for; you’ve unlocked your first TIER! You can be sure of this because the bar has turned from blue to green. This confirms you’ve spent the required AP to unlock that particular Tier (3). You can read below the description of the incredible items you’ve been rewarded with (4)and then it’s time to redeem those items!

6) Redeeming Your Reward

Redeeming your well earned rewards couldn’t be simpler. All you have to do is click the ‘Redeem’ button (5). Upon clicking this your items will be delivered directly to your inventory and ready for action.

7) But it’s not over yet!

Tiered Spender has many unique tiers. Each time you unlock a tier you can continue to unlock more tiers simply by just spending more AP.

Remember: Each Tier has bigger and better prizes than the last, meaning the further you get the more exciting and advanced weaponry will be YOURS!

So what are you waiting for soldier?

Become a Tier Spender and reap the rewards of being a part of A.V.A. With The Tiered Spender.

                                                                Aeria Staff!

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